Friday, February 21, 2014


What an interesting week I had!
It has been nuts around here. LOL
It seems everything wants to break in this house this week and to finish it off, the internet went out and it has taken our service provider two days to figure out the problem.
And when it came back, for some unreal reason, my blog was gone!!! Was not able ot access it at all.
Oh, boy! You want to talk about panicking.
Not fun! Can NOT wait for the weekend. :)

But, on the good side, not having Internet gave me a chance to get some things organized. 
I have been cleaning closets and cabinets and finally, yesterday, I made it to my craft room.

Every year I take advantage of the pretty storage bins that Dollar Tree brings to their stores.
Last year I used them to organize my pantry.
You can see that post here.

This year, just a few bins helped me organize some of my craft supplies.

This cabinet used to hold my silk flowers.
I was never too happy with that arrangement, but I had a very old and ugly metal storage shelf in the garage, which I brought back to life with a little spray paint and now sits inside the closet holding my silk flowers organized by colors.

Using the new bins, some plastic containers I already had and mason jars, I was able to organize this area of the craft room a little better.

I also found this small plastic caddy, which I am using on the craft room island to hold my glue gun and some glue.  
Very handy!

I hope you all have a very good weekend.
I will be back with the features from Tuesdays at Our Home. Great party this week! 
Thank you all for participating!
See you soon!


  1. Love all of your bins and everything looks so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  2. You are so right about the Dollar Tree bins! I bought several last week to organize my pantry. You just can't beat that price for great storage/organization. Your craft room looks great! If I were a big crafter, I'd have to copy this!! Have a great weekend!

  3. What a lovely space you have to craft!

  4. love these bins too! Dollar tree rocks!

  5. Dollar Tree is just the best place for storage bins. I love how they always have a big color selection too. Your craft room is looking good!

  6. You have the cutest and most organized craft room I have ever seen. Those bins are so great, I could use them when I sort through our basement!


  7. Wow! You did a great job organizing everything. I'm not sure we have a Dollar TREE...We have Dollar Store and Dollar General. i will have to check that out. LOVE what you did! Great space you have there-- xo Diana

  8. I absolutely LOVE the $tree. Those baskets are just perfect for that area.

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