Thursday, February 27, 2014


Hello, there!
Hope you are all doing well.
I really don't have any special projects to share with you this week. 
There is several things going on at once, but nothing has been finished yet.

Our weather has been crazy. After reaching 80 degrees almost every day for the last couple of weeks, 
we woke up today to 32 degrees and everything covered in ice. That is a little crazy, if you ask me.

I have been spending quite time at home, doing a little baking and reading a fabulous book.


And, here and there, I have worked on the Spring decor for my front porch.

While shopping at Lowe's last weekend, I run across this new paint by Valspar. At least it is new to me. :)
Very pretty colors and you know my mind was racing thinking of all the projects I could do.

I chose this color. It is call "Mirage", Perfect for Spring.
I will share with you soon how I used it. 
The porch is finally finished.

I also have to share with you this new little find.
While I was waiting at Lowe's to have some paint mixed, I saw these small Glade packages on the counter. 
Well, you know I was curious about it, specially since I am hooked on Glade :). Could not believe what I was reading!

Glade has a new additive in several different familiar scents that you pour inside your can of paint and I guess while you paint, your room will smell like "Tropical Mist" or "Clean Linen". There were several to choose from. 
Isn't that awesome? No more paint fumes.

I am also working on Spring crafts for the kitchen.
Remember I made the mason jar dioramas a couple of weeks ago.
Now I am making a burlap and silk flower arrangement.

I am helping my husband finish his workshop in the garage. 
After all, I have several projects in mind I need him to make for me. :)
Counters and sink have been ordered and due to arrive in a few days. We plan to paint everything during Spring break and we hope to have it finished this coming month.

He just made me this small plaque and I will share with you soon how I will put it to good use.

I have also been making new items for my Etsy shop.
Well, what can I say? I don't know how to keep still. :)
And I love crafting and making new things.

And that has been my week so far. 
This afternoon I have an appointment and after, I plan to take a trip to Hancock Fabrics. 
I have a huge project in mind that will involve making some changes in this room.

Hope you are all having an enjoyable week.
I will see you all tomorrow when I share the most viewed links of this week Tuesdays at Our Home.
Until then!


  1. Well, you have certainly been a busy, busy gal. I love all your projects and I have not seen that new paint yet. Oh My! Can't wait to see what you end up doing to your living room. What a fun random post! xo Diana

  2. You are busy! Your living room is so pretty to start with...hmmm, what are you going to do? I love the couch and love seat and it would be easy to change things up. Can't wait to see what your ideas are.

    I had no idea y'all had ice in San Antonio. Brr! It's super cold here in Dallas but no ice. Thank goodness. I have so many pretty plants already poking up out of the dirt.

  3. I have to get to Lowe's and see that paint, I also like the Glade idea I think I'd pick the Linen one. You have certainly been busy and love the pillows.

  4. Wow! You've been busy! I didn't know about the Glade additive for paint. How neat! Your husband's workshop is amazing and I can't wait to see what you have planned for your gorgeous living room. :)

  5. Lots going on at your house Maria Elena, that is for sure! Your pillows are beautiful, love the red one!

  6. Sounds like you have been very busy. Looking forward too seeing your projects.

  7. You are one busy bee Maria Elena! Good luck with all!Pillows are lovely!

  8. You certainly keep yourself pretty busy, Maria Elena! I'm ready to welcome Spring time, but around here it looks like we're still in the middle of winter :( We're expecting 6-8" of snow tomorrow! I'm also beginning to decorate inside the house for the new season. Love your pillows and the dioramas! and of course your husband's workshop with tools and all that storage space!


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