Friday, March 30, 2012

A very small Spring tablescape

I was not going to do a tablescape for Spring this year, but
I finally had a little time to myself today and I thought, why not?

I did not want to spend any money on this, so I used 
what I had around the house.

Nothing spectacular, just a little inspiration so you can see
we can create pretty things with what we already have.

Instead of a tablecloth, I used a Spring table runner
I bought at Homegoods a long while ago. 
I borrowed it from the dresser in my bedroom! :)

The napkins I made myself from leftover material
from some pillows I have been making for my back porch.

 I layered them with some lace

 And tied them up with some blue and white ribbon

 The white plates, I bought after Christmas also at Homegoods for $1.00 each.
There was only four left, so they came home with me!

The small blue plates I purchased at Kirklands last month.
I also bought four of them.
I had a $15.00 coupon and they were $3.00 each, so they were really free.
I love the design!

 These water glasses I had for over twenty years.
I bought them when we were stationed overseas and I always like to use them for Easter because the design looks like little Easter eggs engraved on them.

For the center of the table, I used  a topiary I bought months ago and 
my favorite crystal basket with my old blue birds.

As you can see, nothing fancy, but I cooked a nice dinner and we will sit down and 
enjoy it as soon as my family gets home.

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. 
We have a couple of projects to finish, but, otherwise, we just plan to enjoy the nice 
80 degree weather we are having.
Thank you all for visiting!

Newbie reunion at Debbiedoo's

Hi, everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful week!
It is Friday!

Sorry, Debbie, it has taking me this long to join, but I had some
technical difficulties! What's new! :)

 I have been a fan of her blog looong before I started blogging.
I am proud to say, today is my six month blogging anniversary, 
so, "officially" I am a graduate now! :)

What can I say about Debbie? She is an awesome person and human being!
She is always there, willing to help, even when you mess up doing 
something so simple as linking to her Newbie party. Ha!  
Or, when you fall in love with her stenciled pillows 
and decide to copy them! :)

And her creativity!!! I have learned so much from her!
 Until I started reading her blog, I kept my "stenciling habit" kind of a secret! LOL
But, hey! if it is good enough for Debbie, is good enough for me!
I love to sit down in the morning with my cup of coffee and just enjoy her post of the day.

Debbie, you have been a great inspiration to me from day one and I hope
 to be part of your blogging family for a very, very long time to come!
Thank you for everything you do!!!

And, now, I am sharing with you something I purchased a couple
of weeks ago, because, what would a post about Debbie be without one of this?


Isn't he handsome? He is sitting on top of the fridge for now.

Waiting until we finish installing his new home!

I will share more when it is all put together.
Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New updates to the Master bathroom

This has to be the longest Master suite remodel in the history of decorating! :)
I started working on updating our bedroom and bathroom at least eight months ago!
Still not finished, but we are almost there! 
Every time I turn around, I find something new I need/want to add! :)

Today I am sharing my new "treasure".
We found this chandelier over the weekend and I just new it was going 
to look perfect in the bathroom and go well with my new drapes.
 I will tell you all the story behind the drapes in a minute.

First, the chandelier!
I always dreamed of having one over my bathtub. 

 Isn't it pretty?

If you guys remember, a couple of weeks ago we took a trip to the Habitat center where we found that nice light for our guest bathroom, well, during that outing, we also found these beautiful brand new drapes.

They are from the JC Penney home collection.
The original price for each panel was $90, the Habitat center were selling for $25 each, but that Saturday morning, they had a special, 50% off on all drapery, so we paid $12.50 a panel and they are exactly the same ones that I purchased for my bedroom at full price a few months back. I could kick myself! LOL

These were 108 inches long, so I had to hem them and with the extra 
material, I plan to make pillows.

I used the new drapes on the window of our walking closet, over the tub and
 on the shower door.

 Look at the before and after

  I also added some pretty tassels I already had

 And traded my shower curtain for a matching panel

 What do all think? I hope I am finished with all these upgrades before 
I am too old to enjoy it! LOL

Thank you for coming by to visit and for always taking 
the time to leave me a comment!

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