Friday, March 30, 2012

Newbie reunion at Debbiedoo's

Hi, everyone! I hope you guys had a wonderful week!
It is Friday!

Sorry, Debbie, it has taking me this long to join, but I had some
technical difficulties! What's new! :)

 I have been a fan of her blog looong before I started blogging.
I am proud to say, today is my six month blogging anniversary, 
so, "officially" I am a graduate now! :)

What can I say about Debbie? She is an awesome person and human being!
She is always there, willing to help, even when you mess up doing 
something so simple as linking to her Newbie party. Ha!  
Or, when you fall in love with her stenciled pillows 
and decide to copy them! :)

And her creativity!!! I have learned so much from her!
 Until I started reading her blog, I kept my "stenciling habit" kind of a secret! LOL
But, hey! if it is good enough for Debbie, is good enough for me!
I love to sit down in the morning with my cup of coffee and just enjoy her post of the day.

Debbie, you have been a great inspiration to me from day one and I hope
 to be part of your blogging family for a very, very long time to come!
Thank you for everything you do!!!

And, now, I am sharing with you something I purchased a couple
of weeks ago, because, what would a post about Debbie be without one of this?


Isn't he handsome? He is sitting on top of the fridge for now.

Waiting until we finish installing his new home!

I will share more when it is all put together.
Have a great weekend, everyone!!!


  1. I love Debbie too. She is like the champion of all newbies and just a wonderful person.

    Congrats on your 6th month anniversary!

  2. Gotta love that Debbie and all she does for everyone. She is so willing to help anyone-it amazes me...and she is talented and fun!

    Love your new roo...he is a handsome boy! xo Diana

  3. Debbiedoo is pretty awesome isn't she? We can all agree to that. I love the rooster... congrats on blogging for 6 months, what an exicting milestone!

  4. Yep, we all love Debbie; and this is perfect for Debbie's party!! LOL! She loves her roos! I can't wait to see what you are up to! I know it will be wonderful!

  5. Love the new roo! Debbie is so sweet!! Cant wait to see what you do with the pot rack I want one badly!!

  6. I love your new roo! I am so happy you have enjoyed blogging and sharing your own creativity has been a joy for me and others to watch as well. Keep up the great work you are doing! Thank you for being so supportive as well.

  7. Saw you on DebbieDo's! I love your rooster! I'm your newest friend!


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