Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I finally had time this week to finish some overdue projects that I have had on hold for a little while now.
I also started decorating our home for Fall.
I am very, very behind this year. I am afraid by the time I finish, it will be time to put up the Christmas tree. :)

Anyway, today I am sharing with you a project I finished over the weekend.

 As I am making changes in our son's bedroom to get ready for their arrival in just a couple of months, 
some things had to be removed from the room to make space for a crib, changing table and storage for 
our grand baby that will be born shortly after.

We had a writing desk in the room that it was old and just needed to go and that is exactly what we did.

We got rid off it, but I saved both of the top doors.

I took all the hardware off and using wood putty I filled up all the holes.

After sanding the door, it was ready for painting.
I used a can of "Heirloom White" I already had at home. 

I didn't want it to sit flat, so I added to it some small legs using four old knobs I found in the garage, 
which I painted the same color.

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought two wrought iron handles. 
They were $4.99 each, but they were on sale 50% off, so I paid $5.00 for the pair.

 And this is what it looks like all put together.

I will probably add a graphic to it later on, but for now, I am going to use it to display my Fall decor.

Total cost of this project was $5.41 for the handles.
I will share with you all the little Fall decor I am adding to the house as soon as I finish everything.
Until then, thank you for your visit!

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