Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Art copycat

It is that time again!
Time to go join Debbie at for another one of her great 
Magazine copycat challenge parties.

I am in the process of redoing our son's room.
He is now proudly serving in the US Navy and we just found out
he will be coming home on leave in two weeks.
Words can't tell you how happy I am since I have not seen my son for almost six months!

We have done several improvements in his room lately that I will share with you all soon,
but, while online searching for a new comforter set, I came across an
art piece that I really liked and I thought I give it a try.
These are the pictures I found on line at Bed, Bath & Beyond 

 Do you see the art over the bed?
Here is my version

 I had this very, very old picture. 
I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it! LOL
But I am glad I kept it!
I took it apart and painted the frame satin black.

These are the supplies I used.
Adhesive borders and foam board.
The board was the only thing I had to purchase for $1.99.

And I just made a copy of the print I wanted at Walgreens for $2.99.

 Very simple and very economical!

Total cost of project, $5.00.

 On my way to check out all the copycat entries.
Thank you Debbie for hosting this fun party!
And, thank you all for taking the time to stop by!


This month of April went by so fast for me, that I didn't realize 
the party was coming up so soon and I don't have anything prepare!
I don't want to miss the chance to participate
What is a girl to do??? So much to do, so little time!!!

Well, I got to thinking, there is a post I did a few weeks ago 
and that was a copycat. 
So that is the project I am using for this party.
I know, I know, you have seen it already! :)

Well, these were my two inspiration pictures from the Pottery Barn website.
This basket was $69.00.

And this is how my copycat turned out.
The basket cost me $14.99.
So glad I waited!

I always wanted a tiered basket like this in the Master bathroom, but I looked for a long time for one with just two tiers, not to overwhelm the counter space.

I used everything I already had, creams and soaps that I have received as gifts
and a couple of sponges and towels.

And there you have it, a very easy and simple copycat, but I love
how it changed the look in the bathroom.

See you all soon!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do you have a favorite room in your home?

I think we all have a favorite room in our homes.
A place where you can relax at the end of the day, watch TV, read a book
or simply spend time with your family.

For some of us is our bedrooms, some people like to lounge in their family rooms and watch a movie with their family, which I also love to do, but for me, well, I am a 
person that loves to read.

 I just love books and I have been collecting them for a lifetime.
Although lately, I have been a little addicted to my electronic reader, I still love to hold in my hands a copy of my favorite book and just get lost in it, so, when I need that
 little bit of time to myself, this is where I go hide from the world.
My favorite room in the whole house!

I wanted a home library forever and ever, but our military life didn't allow
 for that to happen. We just moved too often, so when we finally were able to put our suitcases away, I knew that when we build our home, this would be a room that would be incorporated in our plans.

This space was supposed to be the sixth bedroom in our home.
Really!  We do not need six bedrooms, so we asked the builder not to put in a closet in this space and we had them  replace the single door for double doors.

Do you know what makes this room so special to me?
Well, my husband built it for me. It took us eight months to finish it and he
 attended to every little detail.
I have to tell you he put his heart and soul into it.

After eight months of very hard work, the fun part was to decorate it.
There is still things we need in there, like a an area rug.
We used an old lamp we had and gave it a different look with some 
spray paint and new shades.
 This is before and after.

 I didn't want the whole room to be just books, so I used some of the shelves to
display family pictures and some of my Lladro from Spain.
This room changes all the time, because I either buy new books, dig out more books out of my storage closet or I get new pictures of my niece and nephew that I just have to put in a frame. :)

And I even reserved a little corner for my 30 year old
 stereo and record player! LOL
Oh, yes! this thing is right out of the 80"s!
 1981 to be exact!

It is broken, scratched, has stains on it that will never come off and the
cassette door was ripped off by our son when he was just two years old, but believe or not, it still works great!

 It just brings me so many memories, I can't bring myself to  throw it away!
It even plays 8 tracks!!! Now, for those of you that grew up in the 70"s, you know
what I am talking about. Yes, we are old people here! But, hey! we still got it! LOL
Remember 8 tracks?
 Now, those were the days! :)
And here are some pictures of my very old and embarrassing looking stereo with our ancient record collection!
 Boy, I love those old records, specially my Beetles collection!

This space also serves as an office. 
Here is where I work on my blog everyday, Skype with my family overseas or 
spend hours sitting on my rear reading all of your blogs! LOL

There you have it! This is where I go to unwind after a long day
Do you have a favorite space in your home?
Thank you all for taking the time to visit!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Working on the master bedroom sitting room

We have been working on this area of our Master for a while now.
We always wanted to have our own sitting area in our bedroom, but, the truth is, we never had a room large enough to be able to make it happen.

We already had in mind what we wanted and slowly, we are putting it together. 
The painting we bought a couple of months ago was my inspiration.
After that, we purchased the seagrass rugs.
We looked around everywhere in our area for the chairs we wanted, but with no luck.
The ones we found were either the wrong style or color, or just very overpriced,
 so, we finally had to give in and we bought them online last month.
I love these chairs!

This was our first time ever buying furniture from an internet site, so we were a little nervous, but everything worked out just fine and the chairs arrived in 
only four days and they were in perfect condition. 

Shipping was free and I also was able to use a
coupon code, so we ended up saving an extra $70.
Can't beat that!

We are still looking for the perfect table to use in between both chairs and we are also on the lookout for the right size ottoman to use as a coffee table.
So far, the ones we found are either too small or too big.

Just today, I run across Marty's new post at 
on how to make your own ottoman, so I think she just gave us the perfect solution.
Thank you Marty for sharing your knowledge on how to do this!

Here is what the room looks like so far

What we liked most about these chairs was the linen material, the tufted back
and the bronze nailheads. We also liked the fact that the legs are espresso color 
which is the same as our bedroom furniture.

The painting, if you remember, also has a similar design around it

I found these pretty flower pillows at Kirklands a couple of weeks ago with the perfect colors for that room and I am also making some solid ones from the left over material from when I made my drapes. I still have one more pillow to make.

For now, I am just using a small round table I had, until we can find the one we want.
I just decorated it with a bronze lamp I had, some books, flowers 
and a couple of small old pictures.

Here is the view from the other side of the room
We also want to add a small bookcase under the painting.

As you walk in the bedroom

And, since I don't seem to be able to stop messing with the house for even five minutes, 
I have to share with you guys the project I hope to start doing this week.

Do you all see those french doors in the room?

Do you know where they lead to?

Yes, our own private balcony. It can only be accessed from the Master bedroom

Our very empty balcony, but not for long!
I found this video over the weekend that our builder made of one of their model
homes which is the same as ours. Look at those curtains!!!
Sorry, the picture is awful! But you get the idea.
Can you guess what my next project is going to be?
I want to carry the same colors from the bedroom out into our outdoor space.
Oh, I have big plans for this porch!

What do you guys think?
I told you this was the longest master suite renovation in history! LOL
Stay tuned! :)
I hope you guys have a grand week!
Happy Monday!

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