Saturday, August 31, 2013


Good morning!

Every week, during my link party, I like to visit each post. I have to tell you I really enjoy it.
There is always so many beautiful projects out there and super great recipes.

I would like to finish this week giving credit to the top viewed links of this week's party.
We had some really fabulous entries and I thank each and everyone of you for linking and visiting.

Thank you so much!

The top viewed link was Sonny's from 155 Dream Lane.
She has spent most of her Summer making changes to her front entrance and porch and the results are just magnificent. Gorgeous curb appeal! 

 Shelia from Note Songs made a beautiful Tilda doll.
This is her June Cleaverish Tilda and I have to say it just couldn't be any more adorable. 
Every little detail is just perfect. Love her pearls! :)

 Holly from The Coconut Head's gave her Mamma's Command Center a whole new look.
Love, love the transformation!

 Judith from Botanic Bleu shared with us some beautiful pictures of her once in a lifetime trip to China.
She gave us a glimpse of the every day life of the people of that country. Gorgeous images!

Amazing Cristina from Remodelando la Casa did another one of her super fabulous projects. 
She installed trim on a double window of her home and gave us a full DIY tutorial. Gorgeous!!!

Patty from Home and Lifestyle Design shared with us how she created a beautiful office space for herself using things she already had at home. So pretty!

And that concludes this weeks most viewed post.
Thank you again to all who took the time to participate!
I always appreciate your visits!

 If you were featured, please feel free to grab a "featured button" from my sidebar.

I hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend and I will see you right here Monday evening 
for another fun get together.

Until then!

Friday, August 30, 2013


Hello, there!
I hope everyone is doing well.

Today I am doing a post about tiered baskets and if you are wondering why, I have to tell you, 
I had no idea tiered baskets were so popular! :)

It all came to me when I realized that a post I did in March on 2012 on the tiered basket I put together for my master bathroom has been the #1, most visited post every week since, with over fifteen thousand views. 
Well, what can I say, I am such a small blog, that is a lot of views to me! LOL

I have been looking around on Pinterest, Google and blogs trying to get ideas and inspiration on how other people are using these baskets and I thought I share those ideas with you all today. 
I added a link under each picture to give the due credit and so you can visit these pages if you like.

I think the most common way we always used these baskets in the past was to hold fresh fruit in our kitchens.

             Source                                               Source

Or as planters.


But people are finding other very useful and beautiful ways to incorporate them into our daily lives.
For example, they make wonderful storage for your craft room or office.

                                                   Source                                                                                      Source

                                         Source                                                                                                 Source

Can be used in the nursery to keep everything needed for your baby on hand or to store your kid's art supplies.

                                             Source                                                                                       Source

To carry fresh veggies in from your garden.


I love these ideas! I think I will use them on our next family get together.

                                                    Source                                                                                Source


And how about for seasonal decorating?
These are some gorgeous baskets!

                                           Source                                                                                         Source

                                         Source                                                                               Source


I hope you enjoyed all the beautiful inspiration and I that this post gives you some ideas on how to use your tiered baskets around your home.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hello everyone!

This week is going extremely fast for me, I blinked twice and it was Thursday :), I guess that's not a bad thing!

I have been meaning to do a post about this gift I received for my birthday back in July from my husband.

About a year and a half ago, he bought me an iPad. Yes, he spoils me! :) 
And that iPad has become such a part of my daily life. I use it for everything, reading, listening to music, checking on the blog, well, just about everything you can do on your desk top computer.

Half of the time I have it within arm reach, specially in the kitchen. While I am cooking, I use it to look up recipes or sometimes I connect live with the television station from Madrid, Spain and watch their evening news. 
Makes me feel a little closer to home. :)

And now, I have this little toy to help make my iPad experience a little better. 
It is a Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Stand.
Let me tell you, I had no idea this existed, LOL but it sure has been a nice addition.

It takes a couple of minutes to sync it with your iPad and because it has Bluetooth, there is no wires involved.
You can move it anywhere you want without worrying about having to plug it in. I charge it right on my computer.

 I have my iPad inside a magnetic case, so I worried at first that I was going to have to remove the case to be able to use my new stereo stand, but that was not the case, it works just fine and when you are done, you just grab it and go. 
Very useful!

 And the speakers are amazing! Most of the time, I have to keep the volume half way.

If you are wondering, this is not a sponsored post, just my humble opinion on a great little product.

By the way, my new stove has been delivered! Hooray! :)
It looks beautiful and it is the perfect fit.
I will share some pictures with you all soon.

Tuesdays at Our Home is still live and going strong. 
Stop by for some beautiful inspiration!

I will be back tomorrow with the top viewed links of this week's link party.
Until then!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Good morning!

In the last couple of weeks I have been trying to get my Fall decor out of storage and start planning and preparing for the change of seasons. Last year I waited until the last minute and things got a little overwhelming. :)

It is funny how you forget what decor you have, so I have been busy getting my things together 
and see what I could come up with this year.

I don't have much Fall decor, but I am on a mission to use as much as I can from what I already have at home.

So far, I have cleaned and refreshed my front door wreath.

Made some fabric flowers and did a little stenciling on burlap.

I also made some pillows using left over fabric I already had.

Spruced up some old candles

I am working now on making a couple of new crafts.

And the sunflowers and pumpkins are out of the bins and ready to be displayed in pretty vignettes around the house.

Are you getting ready for Fall or am I the only crazy one? LOL
I would love to hear how you are preparing and when do you start decorating your home for Fall.

Tuesdays at Our Home link party is still live. I would love if you stop by for a visit.

See you soon!

Monday, August 26, 2013



How was your weekend?
Ours was crazy busy. We shopped and shopped for a new range/stove. Wow! So stressful!

We did our research last week, read a thousand reviews, I mean, lets face it, we don't want to be buying a new stove every year, as a matter of fact, the one that just went out we only had it for five years. They sure don't make appliances like they used to. My mom had the same stove for over 20 years and still working just fine.

My blogger friend Diana from Nana Diana emailed me and advised me to take a look at Consumer Reports before we made the purchase. I followed her advice and were able to get a clear look at what would be the best choice. 
Thank you, Diana!

The stoves with the best reviews, all four and five stars, were the Whirlpool Gold series and, at the same time, 
we also liked very much the clean and modern lines.
We opted to buy the one with the double oven, since we believe it will better meet our needs.

 So here we went, in search of this particular stove, but it couldn't be that easy, of course NOT. 
Every store we went to this stove was on back order. Unbelievable!!!
After searching all weekend, we were finally able to find it at Best Buy and it will be delivered this coming Wednesday.
What a relief!

 Ok, enough stove talk! :)
 Are you guys ready for another fun party?
Can't wait to see what projects you have been working on this week!  You can link up any posts that are home decor, gardening, crafting, painting, sewing, cooking,or DIY related.


-Please put a link or my party button on your post. 
 -No link parties or advertising, please.   

  That's it!    

I would love if you become a follower of my blog, but it is not mandatory.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by for a visit!

Have fun!

Friday, August 23, 2013


Hello, everyone! It is finally Friday! :)
It has been a long week for me, between repairs and errands, I have not had a minute to myself, so I am glad the weekend is almost here.

But, before the week ends, lets take a look at the top viewed links of Tuesdays at Our Home#24.
We had some really fabulous entries and I thank each and everyone of you for linking and visiting.
Thank you so much!

The most viewed link this week was Pinky's from Designs by Pinky. She shared with us the most beautiful Seaside tablescape that she put together for a dinner party at her home. Every detail is just gorgeous!

Life on Virginia Street  revealed her newly painted Master bedroom with SW Sea Salt.
Gorgeous color! It looks so beautiful with her bedding.

Kathryn from The Dedicated House gave us a tour of her recently finished entryway. So pretty and welcoming! 
I have been in love with her rug for quite a while now. :) Gorgeous!

Laura from Cottage and Broome shared with us the before and after pictures of her garden.
It is absolutely gorgeous! You just have to go pay her a visit! 

Cindy, from Sunset Coast shared with us the beautiful backyard wedding shower she helped organize for her best friend's daughter. Love the beach theme. How pretty and original!

Every Little Birdie shared how she re-purposed a great find while junking at the coast.
So pretty! I love how it looks by her front door.

Thank you again to all who took the time to participate!
I always appreciate your visits!

 If you were featured, please feel free to grab a "featured button" from my sidebar.

I hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend and I will see you right here Monday evening 
for another great get together.

Until then!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hello, everyone!
I hope your week is going well.

Ours has been different for sure, and to top it all, my stove broke today. 
Wow! When it rains, it pours! 

We just finished repairing one of the AC units that decided to quit when it was 105 degrees outside. 
So now, we need a new stove. The oven won't even heat up. Guess what we will be doing this weekend? 
Maybe this is a sign, no more cooking for me! LOL

We are already looking around trying to make the best choice and stay within the budget. 
We want an electric range with glass top. They are so much easier to keep clean.

Stoves have changed a lot in the last few years, so many choices and different brands. I really like the new double oven ranges, two ovens will really come in handy during the holidays, but then I wonder how easy/difficult will be to get the food in and out of the bottom oven. It looks really low to me. 

Here are some samples of the ones we liked the most. I am favoring the LG brand with their new shelf cleaning interior.

Then you have the slide-in ranges. These are very nice also and it leaves the back wall free to do a little decorating over the stove. :)

And the third choice will be the freestanding ranges which, by the way, have come a long way.

Luckily for us, most stores are already having Labor Day sales, so we hope to find one at a decent price and Home Depot is also having right now free delivery and removal of the old stove, so I guess, if ours had to go, 
now was not such a bad time.

I would love to hear your thoughts or experiences. 
Any advice will sure help. Have you purchased a new range/stove lately?

Meanwhile, I see some "going out to eat" in my future, at least for a couple of days. Poor me! LOL

Talk to you soon!

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