Thursday, August 29, 2013


Hello everyone!

This week is going extremely fast for me, I blinked twice and it was Thursday :), I guess that's not a bad thing!

I have been meaning to do a post about this gift I received for my birthday back in July from my husband.

About a year and a half ago, he bought me an iPad. Yes, he spoils me! :) 
And that iPad has become such a part of my daily life. I use it for everything, reading, listening to music, checking on the blog, well, just about everything you can do on your desk top computer.

Half of the time I have it within arm reach, specially in the kitchen. While I am cooking, I use it to look up recipes or sometimes I connect live with the television station from Madrid, Spain and watch their evening news. 
Makes me feel a little closer to home. :)

And now, I have this little toy to help make my iPad experience a little better. 
It is a Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker Stand.
Let me tell you, I had no idea this existed, LOL but it sure has been a nice addition.

It takes a couple of minutes to sync it with your iPad and because it has Bluetooth, there is no wires involved.
You can move it anywhere you want without worrying about having to plug it in. I charge it right on my computer.

 I have my iPad inside a magnetic case, so I worried at first that I was going to have to remove the case to be able to use my new stereo stand, but that was not the case, it works just fine and when you are done, you just grab it and go. 
Very useful!

 And the speakers are amazing! Most of the time, I have to keep the volume half way.

If you are wondering, this is not a sponsored post, just my humble opinion on a great little product.

By the way, my new stove has been delivered! Hooray! :)
It looks beautiful and it is the perfect fit.
I will share some pictures with you all soon.

Tuesdays at Our Home is still live and going strong. 
Stop by for some beautiful inspiration!

I will be back tomorrow with the top viewed links of this week's link party.
Until then!


  1. I had no idea this existed either! What a great little toy! I love that it's wireless too. I also like watching local news stations in other cities...makes me feel like I'm on vacation. :)

  2. Oh, goodness, you are giving me another reason to love my ipad. I use my phone way less than my ipad. I don't know how I ever lived without it.
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  3. Can this work with mini ipad too? It sounds great

  4. Looks like the little device my daughter has-and loves! Hope you have a great rest of this fast-moving week- xo Diana

  5. Maria, that sounds terrific, too. What's next with electronics? I'm loving taking the iPad when I go shopping as the photos turn out better than many cameras make. That's what I used in Florida at the HGTV SmartHome2013 house. iPad rocks...I've got to learn how to get the music.

    Hope your birthday was fun,

  6. Now you have me thinking I need one of these too!

  7. Amazing, never knew that existed...sounds like something our whole family would really make good use of enjoy! Thanks for the tip and happy belated birthday! Kim

  8. Thank you for sharing this! I like to watch netflix on my Ipad while I exercise, but sometimes I can't hear it over the treadmill. This may be just what I'm looking for, thank you! :) --Fran


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