Friday, October 25, 2013


I have been trying to put this post together for a while, but I just couldn't seem to find the time to finish it.

Things have changed a little since I did my first home tour a couple of years ago, so I thought it was time to put together a more updated one.
The military brought us to San Antonio 19 years ago. We had never thought of retiring here, but as life goes, that is exactly what happened.
We built our home in 2008.

We fell in love with it the moment we saw it in a close by neighborhood! We knew this was going to be the perfect home for our family. It was a very long and hard project, but all worth it in the end. 

It took 10 months to built it and, although it was a specific model, we added many custom upgrades and even doing that, it is taking us a while to get the house to where we want it to be. 

Before we moved into our new home, we donated most of our old furniture, so we are starting from scratch. 

We raised three kids and the truth was that everything was in need of being replaced. 

 Please, come on in!
This is the view as you enter our home. I couldn't tell you what our style is. 
We buy what we like and try to make it all go together.
We do not have a specific theme or color in our home, although we do like warm earth colors. 
Our wall are all painted with Kilim Beige and Latte by Sherwin Williams.

In the foyer, the ceilings are two story high and it proved

to be a very hard area to decorate.
To the left on the foyer, we have our formal living room and dinning room. 

We painted accent walls, added a chair rail in the dinning area, a new chandelier and I also stenciled the dinning room walls with a damask design. 

To the right, we have the hall table that my husband built.

Everything on that wall had to be oversize since it is so big and the ceilings so high.

To the right of the stairwell is the hallway that goes to

the library, laundry room, guest bathroom and exit to the three car garage/workshop.

Straight down from the foyer takes you to our family room,

kitchen and backyard.

And our back porch 

The stairwell I think is what sold us on the house the first time we saw it.

A couple of years ago, during some time off work during the summer, my husband and I added the chair rail and molding to the staircase wall.

This was not a very hard project, but very time consuming since we built and painted all the molding pieces ourselves.
Here it is decorated for Christmas.:)

Upstairs, the Master bedroom and bathroom, four large bedrooms, one of them being my craft room, two more bathrooms and a very large storage closet.

My craft room

Storage closet

Well, this concludes the tour of our home.

I hope you enjoyed it!

There is still so many upgrades we want to do and so many walls to decorate,  but I am sure it will all happen with time.

Thank you all for taking the time to come by and  always leave me the sweetest comments!
I really appreciate all of you!


  1. You have a very lovely home Maria Elena!! Have a wonderful weekend! V

  2. Maria Elena- What a gorgeous home tour. I have seen bits and pieces of your house before but don't think I ever saw the whole tour. You have done a wonderful job pulling everything together. Your colors flow beautifully and I can tell you have chosen things that you love. You have a great eye! Well, two eyes-because they were both working to pick out your sweet accessories. Love it- thanks for the tour! xo Diana ps...what I wouldn't give to have a craft room like that!!!!!

  3. Your home is gorgeous! Love your decor....

  4. Good Heavens, your home is massive! And gorgeous! And did I mention massive, lol?!

  5. It stunning... thanks so much for sharing your story and your home.

  6. Maria, it really looks like you've put your stamp on it and personally, I consider that a great thing to do for your home. I enjoy seeing it each time you add anything thing to it. Great job!


  7. What a beautiful home! I love it, and I especially loved your craft room!!!
    xo Kris

  8. Hi Maria Elena,

    Your home is lovely. All your hard work and attention to detail is evident in your beautiful design. My favourite room has to be your little workshop; it is filled with such storybook whimsy and happy, pretty colours! I could sit in there all day! Outdoors, your front porch is so sweetly decorated for the season and your back porch is refreshing and airy, high above all those gorgeous trees in the distance! You must live a very relaxing life in your sweet St. Antonio castle!


  9. What a wonderful tour you gave....and I love your home. It's beautiful and I love the colors and all the terrific details in every room....Anytime you need a roommate, call me!


  10. You have a lovely home, Maria Elena! It is apparent how much you have put into making it into a home. Love all those bookcases and your craft room. I have to update my own home tour. It seems just a change or two can alter the look of a room.

  11. Love your home, amazing and such a great floor plan too. Every room looks so beautiful and so inviting, just the way a home should be. Hugs, marty

  12. Such a beautiful home! I love every bit of it!

  13. Gorgeous home~ beautifully decorated, Maria Elena! I have to say that I adore the library, what a wonderful room to have in your home. I would love to have a dedicated space to read, relax and display my books!

  14. You have a beautiful home, Maria Elena, and I always think it looks so welcoming. You also have to be the neatest, most organised person I know. Any chance of you coming over here and sorting my house out?

  15. I can see why you fell in love with it!! And, you all have done a beautiful job of decorating it ... so very welcoming from the minute you step in your front door! Your colors are gorgeous ... and, your Fall embellishments are stunning!

  16. Maria, I don't visit you often enough! Your home is so pretty and very similar to mine. I live in the Dallas area so I think we both have that Texas house look. My son just had a friend visit from Pennsylvania, she was just stunned at how big the house is. That's how we like it here. :)

    You and your husband are very talented with your projects. All the added molding is so pretty. I like that you are taking your time on the dining room. That's much better than making expensive mistakes.

  17. You have an absolutely beautiful home! I love the craft room and library too! Dee :)

  18. You have a very beautiful home. It looks so inviting.

  19. Beautiful home! Love the décor and I definitely have craft room envy!!!!

  20. Beautiful home. Love the décor and I definitely have craft room envy!!!!

  21. I absolutely LOVE your home. It is a showcase, and looks like a model home! I especially love your craft room! Beautiful!!!

  22. Just one question.... Can Carolyn and I come live with you???? Seriously, Maria... you have one of the prettiest homes I've ever seen. I just love the curved corners in the archways. And the stairway.... stunning :-) And.... yeah like everything LOL Great job :-)

  23. WOW! Beautiful! I think my favorite is your craft room.... and love that deck! I love, love spending time outside so I always notice decks with a view! Thanks for sharing!
    Kendra @

  24. Maria Elena te felicito por tu maravillosa casa y por lo bien decorada que está. Al ser tan grande es una tarea bastante dificil.
    Bonito reportaje.

  25. Beautiful Home, looks like it came straight out of a magazine.

  26. You have a very lovely home and I mean lovely, your home tells so much of your story and style. And its very detailed all the way thru your home. I love your style and comfort measures you put into your home, looking at your home makes me anxious to start my own story.

  27. You have lovely home! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Your home is super super beautiful. Your decorations really complement your home. I could only dream of such a house :-) Thanks for sharing.

  29. Parabéns Maria Helena,sua casa é muito bonita e bem cuidada.Feliz domingo.Valéria.

  30. I bookmarked your craft room some time ago when I was starting the planning of my own. After taking your home tour, I'm "in lurv" with the WHOLE house...the Cinderella staircase being tops & I can see why it would be the clincher. However, THAT CRAFT ROOM speaks to me. I knew I wanted to have high shelves in mine since the beginning. My BIG mistake was to get 3x3 cubby units for the end of my craft table instead of 2x3s & creating a smaller version to leave room for other surfaces 8 ( ...mine makes for a massive footprint in the center of my 12' X 12' room. I am seriously studying the possibility of cutting them down to 3 2x3 units!! But the shelves up high are my dream. Going to, hopefully, look for "a tutorial or more insight as to how you achieved these" as I have about the same space to cover. Love, love, love! Thank you SO much for sharing!

  31. Wow! I love your craftroom, the library and that storage room, Wow!!

  32. You have very nice taste and a grand home. Thank you for sharing!

  33. I absolutely love your tour! Thank you so much for showing us around! I've seen some of these projects (craft room, closet, library, etc) but your whole home is so warm and inviting! WOW! WOW! WOW!

  34. The one room I am really impressed with is the boy's room. So simple and tastefully done. No flash or glitz. Just good taste.

  35. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! What I love most about your home tour is that your home looks like a home. It does not look staged to sell. So many tours I see appear staged and it does not look as if anyone lives there. Your home feels like a home that a family is living in. You decorating style is awesome. Everything is in good taste and not overly done!


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