Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Hello friends!
I hope you are all having a great week.

It has been a while since I have written a post. 
It has been a long and difficult Summer for me and I want to thank you all for your patience and for continuing 
to come by the blog either to join my link party or just to visit. 
Thank you for your support!

This little project I am sharing with you today we did back at the beginning of May when we started to spruce up 
our back porch for the Summer months.

I have always wanted to have a little server on the porch.  One day, while browsing one of my favorite blogs, our dear friend Cristina at Remodelando La Casa had built her own outdoor server and shared the tutorial on how to make it.

Her instructions were so awesome that it took us literally a Saturday morning to get it finish.
Thank you so much Cristina!
Here is our version of this project. 

We placed it at the end of the porch right under the wood privacy screens that we built a while back.

To decorate it I used items I already had and the rest I bought at Dollar Tree. 

On the top shelf I added the galvanized drink dispenser my kids bought me for my birthday and the old white tray with a glass bowl full of faux lemons, a cute sign that I found at Joann's for $2.00 and a pretty garden ball.
The towels I bought at Dollar Tree. As you can see, all inexpensive items.

On the front side we added five hooks that hold some mason jar drinking cups also from Dollar Tree.

And I still had plenty of room on the bottom shelf to add a galvanized tub that can be used for ice and cold drinks and a small tray that holds some plastic cups.
I placed a matching placemat underneath for a little more color. Again, all these items were purchase at Dollar Tree.
The little bird house I already had and I just added it for a little cuteness. :)

On the side of the server we created a little towel rack using some industrial piping. 

Our Summers in Texas are normally so long, we will be able to continue enjoying our little server and back porch for at least three more months if not longer, we actually use our outdoor spaces more in the Spring and Fall that any other time of the year.

Once again, thank you so much for stopping by.
I hope to start posting more often from here on, so I will see you all soon. 
Meanwhile, enjoy the last few weeks of Summer. 
Until next time!


  1. Love this Maria Elena! You need to have a party now. :)

  2. What a lovely porch, and the server is a perfect addition!!

  3. You did a great job, Maria Elena. I wondered where you were! It has been a busy crazy summer around here, too. I am sorry you have had a difficult summer. Saying a prayer for you- xo Diana

  4. Your server turned out great and I really like how you decorated it (the funnest part, right?) I'm glad you'll be able to use it in the upcoming season as well.

  5. What a darling addition to your porch! And a fabulous DIY. Enjoy your time outside.

  6. What an awesome addition! I know you'll get a lot of use out of this server. I've been MIA this summer, too but hope to start posting again next week. Sometimes you need a break. I've been keep you and your family in my prayers this summer. Zenda

  7. I absolutely love this, Maria! That it was made yourselves is amazing. I was recently searching for something similar online and it was tough. We have a short summer and everything has to be stored away. That you were able to find so many items for a song---great! It's quite attractive, too. :))

    I'm sending a big hug as you continue to come through some of your grief. It's very hard, I've lost both of my parents in the past ten years. It's devastating. One foot in front of the other, my friend.

    Jane xxx

  8. That is the cutest server! I might have to copy it one day! Darling touches!

  9. Beautiful! Love how you tie everything together. Hugs!!

  10. I love this little server and it looks perfect under your privacy screens. Well done! xoxo

  11. Oh my gosh I totally love this! You two do such good work together. Very well thought out and I love the color too!


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