Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Good morning!
I hope you are enjoying your week so far!

This is not a new project, but I have received several emails and comments asking me where did I buy the stenciled pillow in my craft room or if I had made myself, if I could share a tutorial.

I did made this pillow last year after I finished setting up my craft room. 
The wicker chair was sitting empty and I decided to add a little "happiness" to it.

It was a very simple project and completely free to me since I had all the necessary materials to make it.
The only thing I was missing was white fabric.
I looked through my stash and could not find a piece big enough to make it.
Sooo, I got creative and I used a plane white bed pillow cover I had in my linen closet, which I cut to size, 16x16. :)
Yes, it is an illness! LOL

I already had the Martha Stewart stencils that I had purchased months before at Michaels for another project.

I chose the round stencil on the left upper corner of the above picture for my design, but instead of the bird, I personalized it by adding the letter M. 
I used Americana "tomato red" craft paint and a stencil brush for this project.
Make sure you add a piece of cardboard in between your fabric pieces so it does not bleeds though while you are stenciling it.

Very easy to make.
I did sew mine, but you can also use hem tape.

And that's it! Very simple!

I love this little area of my craft room and I use it quite a bit.
The chair sits next to a small round table with some little red accessories.

And a picture of my mom to keep me company.
BTW, today is her birthday. She turns 71 years old.
Happy Birthday, mom! Isn't she pretty? :)
I miss her sooo much!

Here is a little before and after.

Not very good pictures, but it is so gloomy in Texas.
I hope you decide to make your own monogrammed pillow.

Enjoy your day and see you all soon.


  1. So pretty Maria Elena, would make a perfect gift too!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mother. Love the pillow and it would work in my home too, just turn it unside down to make it a W. HA! HA!

  3. Your pillow is so pretty and it's perfect next to the picture of your mom. I bet you do miss her.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! I think I could do that, need to run by Michael's for the supplies. Your pillow really added the personality to that corner, great job!

  5. Love the pillow and the picture of your sweet mom! Happy birthday to her!!

  6. Isn't it amazing what a difference a pillow can make - especially a personal and self-made pillow. It is lovely.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  7. That is an adorable pillow, Maria Elena! That stencil is just so sweet. Yes, your Momma is very pretty, and you look a lot like her!


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