Friday, May 29, 2015


Hello, everyone!
I know you have heard me say this before, but, if there is one thing I dislike is wasted space. 
The way I see it, our home is not a showroom, it is where we live and I like to make the most out of every room in the house. I am always looking for ways to organized and clean a space so it will make life easier for all of us.

You all have seen my craft room many times before.
It is not a big space, it is actually the smallest room in this house, but it works for me. 
I am just thankful to even have it.

It is a great and functional work space, but when I get to work in there, sometimes it is not as big as it looks.
I also need to stop buying fabric, maybe that is the problem. LOL
As you walk in the room, there is a large closet on your right.

Those double doors are a real pain and although I tried to keep the closet clean, it always goes downhill fast. :)
This is the way it has looked for a long time.

I am showing you the cleaner side. :)

And this is what it looks like now.

Better, right?
Let me show you what I did. I warn you, this post contains a lot of pictures. :)
I did start by emptying the closet completely, took off the metal shelf that came with the house and 
I ordered from Amazon three large storage cubbies.

My husband built me a counter and attached it to the three cubes and he also framed the wall to add 
a wall to wall pegboard.

 I painted the pegboard with the HGTV paint I bought at Lowe's a couple of weeks ago.

Before the pegboard went up on the wall, I spent a whole morning filling up little holes on the wall and repainting.
Soon after that, we installed two shelves and added six small wooden wall brackets also purchased at Lowe's.

Counter, shelves and brackets got painted white. I just used a Valspar white paint in matte finish.
And then came the fun part, decorating and organizing my new work space.
I started by buying six of these pretty metal baskets at Walmart. I loved the canvas liner and the small chalkboard.

And to give myself a little extra storage, I made two curtains using drop cloth and I attached them to both ends using two small tension rods.
Under there I have been able to store the small ironing table, iron, pillow forms and a few other items. 

 My husband also installed some lighting for me.
He was able to add an outlet and connect all the lights which I now easily control with a tiny remote.

With all that finished, I bought a peg hook set and went to work.

 I used the shelves to add a few decor items I made and some that I purchased at Hobby Lobby.
I also stored up there all the silk flowers which I separated by colors using fabric drawers.

Updating the closet has made the room seem larger and cleared up some of the other counters,
 which has given me more work space.

And that is it. 
I think now I have officially used every inch of this room. :)
Thank you all so much for your visit. 
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
See you all soon!

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  1. That looks like one awesome space to me, Maria Elena. Of course I love the curtains. :)

  2. You're so good at organizing and you've definitely used every inch of this space! I bet you love spending time in there creating. :)

  3. I thought it was perfect before but oh my goodness!!! You brought it up another notch! I love how you used the space. Very smart AND it looks amazing! Love the baskets, the curtains and the peg board is a great way to organize. Great job Maria!

  4. Fantastic organization and use of every section of your craft room! Such a wonderful space to begin with but you've definitely improved it. I'll bet you are excited whenever you get a few minutes to play in there!

  5. What a fabulous craft room! I could use your help getting our house organized. Though my two year old can unorganize things much faster than any human can organize them!

  6. Great space. You are so lucky to have it. A suggestion for the lazy viewers , please include prices for us. Walmart baskets , etc. Or a link. Love the curtains , they are so happy happy happy!

  7. What a fabulous space you have created for yourself! It is gorgeous, to boot! I would love to have a space like yours, but I am not as creative as you, so it might go to waste! :)

  8. Serious craft room envy over here. I love it. I hope one day my guest/junk room can grow up to look like your room . Good job!

  9. Absolutely fabulous! Love the colors you used!!

  10. Wow, if I could see the floors in my craft room and find the tools I need I would be happy. Your craft room is optimal for creativity! SO organized and inviting and well planned out. I really like the shelving just below the ceiling. So clever. Definitely pinning this for inspiration for a future proper craft room!

  11. Your craft room looks wonderful, Maria Elena! It certainly looks like you are very organized and using your space efficiently. Those of us with small creative spaces need to do that, although you've got at least twice the amount of space I have! : ) I could do with just a tad bit more, but then I think I'd always be saying that. LOL!

    Like you, I have lots of fabric and that always seems to be what I have to re-organize and figure out how to store better. I actually am in the midst of a new reorganization of it right now. You should link up to Karen at My Desert Cottage's Where Bloggers Create party this year {in July usually but she has announced this year's date yet}. Everyone shares their creative spaces and there are so many different sizes and kinds of spaces. I always find inspiration and great ideas.

    Hope everything is okay your way what with all the flooding going on in Texas.

  12. Such a beautifully arranged space! I think it's perfect. I could never have as many things out in the open because I'm too messy. I guess we all take photos when a room looks its best, but I imagine that you are much more organized than I. I think your color choices are not just pretty but also invigorating!

    Thanks for sharing your cool workspace. The photos are packed with great ideas. I am going to re-evaluate my space and see if I could work in some pegboard :) Enjoy your day!

  13. What a wonderful space to work in - so organized - I love it. My space is much smaller and my closet is almost impossible to walk into. You have inspired me to change it up a bit! Than you so much for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  14. Great job! That is an impressive transformation!

  15. I saw your beautifully organized crafting space featured at Sew Can Do and wanted to let you know how much I love it! Love everything about it and wish I had something like it! Definitely pinning some of your great ideas!

  16. I'm jealous!! Such a cool craft room !!

  17. Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow! What a transformation! What a fabulous design! I love the colors, I love the design and most of all, I love the creative storage. What an inspiration! I have got to pin this. Wow (this is me after each photo) Wow!!!!

  18. I absolutely love this! Thanks for sharing it with us. Pinned and tweeted. I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm. We can’t wait to party with you! Lou Lou Girls

  19. Your craft room is fantastic! You make me wish I had the room for something like that :)

  20. Lord, have mercy, Maria, this is awesome! I love your closet remake. Do you know how fortunate you are to have such a handy hubby too? Oh, I'm just amazed at your vision for organization - wonderful! You are something else - a great something else! :) Your sewing/craft room is the most wonderful one I've ever seen.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. Your updated closet looks fabulous and I love that you painted the back blue!

  22. Wow Maria Elena, this is fabulous! You really made that space so much more functional. I love the color you painted the peg board and tossing those doors was the smartest thing you ever did! lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I will be featuring you this week.

  23. FABULOUS! A great, perfect and very organized working space, anybody would die for!


  24. Maria, Great, fun room! Do you recall where you got your corbels? I have been looking for some just like that but they are way to big or way too expensive.

    Thanks you,


    1. Hi, Helen. I bought them at Lowe's and I think there were about $6.00 each. You can find them in one of the lumber aisles where they sell all the decorative trim pieces and all you have to do is paint them and install them. They come in two different sizes. Hope this helps!

  25. Maria: Your craft room is so neat and tidy now :-) I just recently got an area set up for me and have a space just for crafting. I noticed that you have bins set up with the names of colors on them. What are those used for? I am definitely going to "borrow" some of your ideas as I start setting up my little space. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! Those bins hold all the silk flowers that I use to make my wreaths separated by color.


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