Sunday, May 24, 2015


Hello, everyone!
Somehow, this week came and went so fast.
I meant to write a post, but life got in the way.

My days have been very busy and full. Our son found a good job and he is now back to work full time, 
so I have been helping my DIL with baby J.
He is the guilty one around here. 
How can I get anything done when this is the first thing I see every morning?

He got me wrapped around his little finger very tightly and when he smiles at me so sweetly, 
all plans for the day go out the window. :)
They will be moving to their own home very soon, so I am enjoying it while I can.

Once in a while and in between smiles, I manage to get something done. I am doing a little remodeling to my craft room, nothing big, just trying to make the most out of a small space. Last weekend, my husband and I spend a good part of the morning at Lowe's getting supplies.

I kept asking him if it was all going to fit in our SUV. He said it would. And it did, but there was a little problem, 
there was no room left for me. LOL

We just looked at each other and laughed. I told him to go on home and I would call the kids, 
one of them could come pick me up. 

And then the "little devil" in me came out, I called home and my daughter answered the phone. I asked her if she could come get me at Lowe's, she asked if we were ok, I said no, your dad and I got into an argument at the store and he drove off and left me here. 
SILENCE on the line and then an "OMG, I will be right there".

My husband left the parking lot laughing and I just sat under a tree waiting for my ride.
What I don't do for a good home project! :)

 When she found out we were joking with them, she was so mad. LOL I just laughed all the way home.
Parents, never miss an opportunity to mess with your kids a little. :)

On another note, do you know Lowe's now sells HGTV Home paint?
I guess they have partnered with Sherwin Williams and they have come out with a beautiful collection.

Can you believe the size of the sample?
I needed some for my craft room project, so I bought one of these samples for under $5.00.
This is the color I chose.

Great quality paint. I have finished my project and I have only used less that a quarter.

 Meanwhile, the weather in Texas has been very rainy.
Last night we had a tremendous storm come through. We had tornado activity and golf ball size hail.
All of our outdoor projects have been put on hold so my husband is building all the post 
for the deck railing in the garage.

We can't wait for a little sunshine to finish everything off, specially since we just purchased all 
of our outdoor furniture. We hope to have an enjoyable space soon.

Meanwhile, while the rain goes away, I have been playing indoors with some of my Mother's Day gifts. :)

Today we are going back to get a few more supplies we need. 
This time I will make sure to be able to ride home with my husband. LOL
The only one that has a quite life around here is my little old girl. 
I bought her that new bed last week and this is where you find her all the time now. :)

And that is it for now.
 I want to wish you all a very happy Memorial Day.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Oh he's so cute I don't blame you for not getting much done! Your new project sounds interesting! Have a great Memorial Day- ours is a rain-out. We'll be grilling in between the rain drops!

  2. Well, it's certainly easy to see why you wouldn't be getting much done with that cutie-pie around! I'm so glad you are enjoying it while you can, Maria Elena. Can't wait to see what you are up to in your craft room. I've been making some minor changes in mine, too. That was really funny about the little trick you pulled on your daughter! Hope you have a nice Memorial Day.

  3. Maria, that is so funny! I bet your daughter will never forget that! Sounds like you have lots to do! We started re-working our courtyard space; but, the rain just keeps coming! We're not complaining, though. After the drought that we've had, it is much needed. However, now that the lakes are all full, I'm concerned for all the people in the flood zones. Hope you're having a blessed Memorial Day!

  4. Such a cute baby boy!!! I can see how you're having a hard time getting anything done. :) Too funny about the prank you played on your daughter! Isn't this rain ridiculous? We had another very small tornado yesterday. So weird for our area. I just saw a commercial for that paint. Sounds like a good deal and I love the size of that sample! Looks like your sweet Angel is loving her new bed! :)

  5. Haha! That's so funny...I love the prank you pulled on your daughter. We have been there...not the prank...but the no room in the car left for me! Priorities, huh? :) That baby just gets cuter and cuter!!

  6. Baby J is worth all your time Maria Elena!!!! Absolutely precious!

  7. Cuty cuty cuty. He is the best face to see in morning.


  8. Maria, Bob and I totally understand how baby J grabs your attention! Get ready our 10 yr old grandson taught me how to open my Pandora bracelet his family gave me for Mothers' Day! J knows your voice instantly! He's blessed with a great family!

  9. You're quite a jokester, Maria! LOL! And I wouldn't even get out of my robe in the morning if I had those cute little sweet cheeks in my life. I'd just cuddle that adorable baby all day long and into the night. Lucky grandma!


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