Friday, February 27, 2015


Happy Friday!
It is a very cold day in Texas today.
We have been in the mid 70's about every day in February and today we are in the low 30's. 
Go figure!

But I am not letting this cold front get in my way of starting to decorate for Spring. 
I have already done a couple of items for my front porch, but it is not quite finished yet.
As we wait for the cold weather to go away, here is a little inspiration on some Spring crafts 
you can be making meanwhile.

 These cherry blossom branches were very simple to make.

I started by spray painting some branches from my tree on the front yard. 
 Of course, I used my favorite paint, oil rubbed bronze.

I bought tissue paper from Dollar Tree and I selected two different shades of pink.

To make the flowers, I made myself a template with cardboard paper

 I cut all the tissue paper in 4x4 pieces, placed the two different colors together and using the template 
I started to cut my flowers. 
When you are finished, overlap the two colors together, pinch and twist the ends, add a little drop of hot glue 
and start attaching to your branches.

And this is the final product.
Total cost of this project was $2.00 for the tissue paper.

This next project was a little more time consuming.
Spring mason jar dioramas.

I already had the tree jars and the first thing I did was paint the lids and I did add some little wood knobs I already had, which I painted apple green and glued to the lids.

I had purchased three glass candleholders from Dollar Tree a long time ago and using E6000 glue, 
I attached them to the jars.
 I did let them dry for a whole day, just in case :)

And then came the fun part, decorate them!
I put some moss on the bottom of each jar and added some little birds I already had.
I made a tiny banner out of craft paper in the same colors as the birds and I attached everything to two small pieces of branches from the boxwood bush that sits on my flower bed.
 I did not want to use any glue inside the jar, so I am not going to lie, it did take me a looong while to get it to fit tight. Everything kept falling to the bottom of the jar.  These little branches just did not know how hard headed Maria is. :)

Total cost of this project was zero for me since I used everything I already had.

I hope this post gives you a little inspiration to start making some easy and very economical Spring crafts. 

I wish you all a very happy weekend.
Stay warm!


  1. Very nice! The flowers are very realistic looking. Love those little jars with the birds too! That E-6000 glue is the best!

  2. Both of these projects are so cute and simple! I think I already have a branchy-thing that is just begging for some blossoms!

  3. Great inspiration! I LOVE the little birds in the jars. SO cute and I've never seen this done before. Great post Maria!


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