Tuesday, February 24, 2015


There has been so much going on around here in the last few weeks!
We have been dealing with car repairs, jury duty, a clogged sink, a sick dog and still trying to keep up 
with regular every day life.
It has really been non stop, so most of our home projects and crafts have been put on hold.
In the little bit of time I had to myself lately I made a couple of signs for my kitchen.

The first one, I made a couple of weeks ago.
You can read all about it here.

Using the same colors and technique, I made a little one to go over our fridge.

Very simple, but I really don't like to have many things up there, just a little something to keep Mr. Roo company. :)

I sure hope things come down soon and we can get back to our regular routine. 
Meanwhile, I will just enjoy all your beautiful projects. :)
Take care, everyone!


  1. Well you do more when you don't have time than I do when I do have time! Love the signs- cute!

  2. You know I like me a sign! And this is a pretty one! I love the gray color. I think I might need to make a fresh eggs sign. I'm inspired!

  3. Your new sign is really cute. :)

  4. What a cute sign and I love that you put it right next to Mr. Roo. :)

  5. Cute sign projects, Maria Elena. The biggest project here has been my husband replacing the carpet in the family room with hardwood. He has moved on to the living room now. He likes to have a winter project when he's unable to be outside in the garden. I wasn't sure winter would be long enough for another room, but we've had an ice storm, plus snow and frigid temps, last week, and this morning awoke to what eventually became four more inches of snow! It appears winter will be long enough.:-) I've been doing rearranging and clearing away! xo Nellie

  6. I love your signs. The colors are great and so soft!

  7. I should find some time to make cute and warm things for my kitchen too. Love your egg sign!
    I also love your wooden cabinets, as all I see lately are white ones. I had the look before in our big farm, now I'm also enjoying the wooden style in our condo.

  8. Maria Elena,
    Love these sweet Kitchen signs in your beautiful Kitchen!!
    Thanks so much for your encouraging words about my decision to go gray. I prayed that I would have my mom's beautiful gray and thank goodness, I did inherit that from her....
    It will save me money as i prepare to go part time in November and it will definitely be healthier for my hair......

    Your words truly brightened my day!! Thanks again!!


  9. Such a cute sign! I bet Mr. Roo likes it too. ;)

  10. Life has away of getting crazy at times. Hope things ease up for you.


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