Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Most of us already have Spring on our minds.
Our weather has been very mild and I had to refrain myself from decorating the house for Spring back in January. :)

Although I already have a few ideas in mind, in this post I wanted to share some Spring crafts I have done 
in the past using supplies from Dollar Tree.

Some little Spring cloches will add a nice touch to your home. I made these using directions from another blogger
and I have used them as part of my Spring decor every year since.
All you need is is a glass plate, a candle holder from Dollar Tree and any spray paint you like to make one just like it.
Total cost is $2.00.

 Or, for $1.00 more,  you can also buy one of their small candle holders and glue it to the glass dish to make it a little taller.

 Great way to display your little Spring items and very economical also.
You can view the post on how I made these cloches right here.

 This next idea was a very fun project and, actually, a Pottery Barn copycat.

All I did was buy a bag of Easter eggs and letter stickers at Dollar Tree and I did hang them from a flower branch 
using a small piece of ribbon glued to the eggs.

You can view that post here.

Two very simple projects you can make under five dollars.

I have a couple more projects to share with you, but I didn't want to make this post too long, 
so I will be back tomorrow with part 2.
As always, thank you so much for visiting!
See you soon.


  1. Your eggs are super cute! Spring is definitely here for us in spite of the snow we had this morning. :)

  2. How cute! This post puts a spring in my step! Lol
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  3. Love your dollar store cloches, Maria Elena! Such a great idea and you've decorated them so pretty!

  4. We expect snowfall tonight and again tomorrow night. Still in a "snow mode" around here, apparently.:-) These crafts really do speak of Spring! xo Nellie

  5. We haven't really had any Winter here either, so the Spring-Easter things have come out. Your small cloches are so cute!

  6. Great "copycat" designs! The cloches look wonderful and the "Spring" eggs on the branch are lovely! I"ve seen that PB pic and yours looks just as good for a fraction of the cost!

  7. So charming! I'm going to look at your instructions for the cloches. Love these! Thanks! :)

    Jane x

  8. Sooo pretty! Makes me excited for spring!
    Kendra @

  9. Love all your little Spring projects! Those bunnies are adorable!

  10. always a pleasure to visit your beautiful blog. Great dollar store inspirations. Hugs!!


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