Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I did this update several weeks back and just the other day I realized I had not share it on the blog.
Sooo, here it goes :)

No big project, just a little bit of a lighter paint on my wall shelves in the laundry room and a couple of decor items.

This is the way the shelves looked before, actually for several years.
Can you hear my surprise while I write those words? LOL

New year, new shelves!

It didn't cost me anything to make the changes.
I used paint and decor items I already had.

The only thing I made new is the small "laundry" frame.

It may look a little like Spring decor to some of you, but believe me, with the warm temperatures we are having,
 it feels quite normal around here.
I actually already have a bird trying to make a nest on the wreath on my front door. :)

Thank you so much for visiting!
Until next time.


  1. Love the lighter color of the shelves and that cute Laundry picture.

  2. Love the updates...especially the framed laundry sign!
    Have a great day.

  3. Hi Maria and what a pretty laundry room. Love your little shelves and the change of color. The little line of hanging clothes is adorable. Hope you're having a great week.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Your laundry room is so pretty. I did my a couple of months ago and it's amazing how much more enjoyable it is to be in there now. :)

  5. so pretty Maria.. I adore that little laundry picture.. wish I had one to hang on the wall beside the laundry closet in the hallway.. that wall is blank and that framed picture would be so cute with a baby dress hung beside it..

  6. Just as pretty as can be. love the cute laundry sign and the shelves.

  7. I love that laundry did a great job with it!

  8. I really like the new color on the shelves and the new decor! Maybe a bit "Springish" but mainly just lighter and happy!

  9. Such a nice change, Maria Elena. Sometimes those little changes are all we need. I love your little laundry sign!

  10. Perfect new décor on a perfect budget! Looks great!

  11. You are the best at adding in little decor items! Your laundry room looks great!

  12. So pretty! I don't have a pretty laundry area but I wish I did. Yours looks so great.

  13. Lovely, Maria Elena. It has a softness about it, as well as a calming feeling. It must be really relaxing to do your laundry in such a pretty space.

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!



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