Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I hope your week is going well.
I have been busy organizing and sprucing up our home.

Storage and closet space has always been an issue for us.
Some small changes had to be made to our bedrooms lately to accommodate everyone and that caused 
the very well known "domino effect". 

It all started in our daughter's bedroom. 

This room used to be, according to our house plans, the "game room".
For many years, while our kids were still teens, it served as a room where they would spend many weekends 
with their friends playing video games or having birthday parties.
It held all our old and very dated furniture.

As the kids got older, this room just sat empty. What a waste of space!
So when we started the plans to build my craft room, we donated all the furniture and decided 
to make this space a bedroom for our daughter.

Only one problem, it was an open space with no door.
In December 2011, we spent all our Christmas enclosing this room. We built frames, installed dry wall 
and added french doors. It sure was a lot of work.


We almost built a closet. but decided against it for resale purposes, so we bought a small stand alone closet.

She also used the old armoire that my husband built years ago for her clothing. 
At that time, we gave it a new look with some paint and stencils.

With time, it was easy to see she was needing more closet space, so just recently, she bought 
an extra closet which ended up taking the whole wall.
Of course, the armoire had to go.

Since this is the first piece of furniture my husband ever built, I would never get rid of it, so it went into our bedroom.

Are you wondering where it is? :)
Well, it fit perfectly in the space between the door and the bathroom.

It holds our TV  and the extra drawer space is really nice to have for miscellaneous items.

And the color goes well with the exisiting decor in our bedroom.

And our cabinet/dresser we had in that space before all the changes started happening, has been 
moved into our son's room.

See what I mean about the "domino effect" ? :)
I am glad we have been able to make these changes without having to store away any of the furniture.
It has been a "win-win situation" for eveyone involved. :)

Thank you all for stopping by. 
I will be back this week with a couple of crafts that I put together in the last few days.

I hope you have a wonderful day!



  1. Way to go Maria Elena!!!! I would keep that too if my hubs built it. Your bedroom suite is a real haven!

  2. Well, that sure worked out perfectly! I love how you added the french doors to your daughter's room. The armoire looks great in your room! You really lucked out with the color matching so well. Everything looks great!

  3. How prefect! Don't you love it when things just fall into place this way? The armoire looks wonderful in your bedroom. The color is so perfect. Your daughter's room looks beautiful, as well! I am sure she loves all of the extra storage space. Everything looks beautiful, as always!

  4. What a perfect solution. I'm loving all the changes, especially having the armoire in your room. It looks like it was made and painted just for that spot. (I've always loved that piece.)

  5. Wow, every move you made is beautiful! The armoire is GORGEOUS!!! I also love all yoir bedding. Your home is SO pretty. Happy early Valentine's day!!!!

  6. As always I visit your blog and smile through every photo. Your decorating talents are so perfect and I love the armoire. Hugs P.S. I hope you will share at my Thursday hop ( link up now through Sat midnight)

  7. Wow, your husband does beautiful work. I would make sure that never left my home either!

  8. Great repurposing, Maria Elena! That is a beautiful armoire, and the painted finish is lovely.


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