Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hello, there!
I have been meaning to write this post, but getting some pictures taken has been a little difficult.
Our weather is so unpredictable.
One minute is sunny and the next is pouring rain.

You see, all I have to do is start setting up my front porch and I promise you I hear the little clouds tell each other "hurry, hurry, lets make some rain, Maria just put her new pillows out" LOL

Anyway, the pictures on this post are not that great, blame those little "talking clouds", but here it is.

The first thing I did was to make new pillows, of course! :)
I bought this outdoor fabric last year at the end of Summer sales at 90% off, so I paid like close to nothing for it.

And I also made a small Spring drop cloth stenciled pillow just for cuteness. :)

Next to the bench I just have my little table with the old white lantern and a small runner I made with the leftover fabric, to which I added a cute little stitch.

By the front door, you will find the old planters that I painted using "Mirage" by Valspar. 
This color is very similar to Annie Sloan "Duck egg".

And on the door, the wreath you all have already seen on my previous post. 
I added a few yellow flowers to it at the last minute.

Thank you all for stopping by and, once again, excuse the quality of the pictures.
I will see you soon.


  1. I love the aqua, it looks amazing. Very pretty spring decor.

  2. Love the colors you chose Maria Elena, sooo pretty!

  3. I love those planters by your front door and the color is so pretty! Your porch is always decorated so nicely. That "Spring" pillow with the little bumble bees is adorable!

  4. Everything looks awesome! And yes you are correct that the little Spring pillow is pure cuteness!!! :-) Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  5. So pretty, Maria Elena! I love the color palette that you chose. Your porch always looks great!

  6. Love the colors and all your added spring touches. The bumble bee pillow is the perfect touch to your beautiful spring porch.

  7. Super cute pillows! Love the color combination with your entryway. That color on the planters looks fabulous with your brick!

  8. Your porch is so welcoming. Lovely!


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