Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Have you started your Spring cleaning?
I love this time of the year when, after the "lazy" winter months, it is time to start refreshing our homes 
and get them ready for the new season.
Our master bathroom is very large, so getting it clean takes me a few hours every time.
Of course, it doesn't help that I just can NOT stop changing things around. :)

A couple of weeks ago, my husband made me this wood tray that I was supposed to use 
for a kitchen Spring vignette.

Well, after I made the new stool cover for the bathroom and cleaned everything, 
I thought it would look nice on the bathroom counter, so the poor man is making me another one. LOL 
I just added to it the glass jars I keep in there all the time, a few towels and a sea shell 
we found on a beach in the South of Spain a lifetime ago. :)

The glass plate with candle stayed in the same spot.

Underneath you will find my "new" stool.

And at the end of the counter, my tiered basket found its way back. 
It has been traveling around the house for months now. :)

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the master bathroom.
I am off to continue with my extremely large sewing project.
Hope to be finished today!

See you all soon.


  1. Maria, You and your husband never cease to amaze me with all your talents! That tray is outstanding....very beautiful design! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Looks like a hotel bathroom! Gorgeous maria Elena!

  3. That tray is beautiful, and I love the way you have displayed things!


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