Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Good morning!
And a cold one at that. I hope you are all keeping warm.
Can NOT wait for Spring!!!

While this cold weather continues, I am trying to keep myself busy with some indoor projects.

You all have seen my laundry room before.

It is a good size room but not very large, so I am always looking for ways to make it more efficient for everyday use and utilize every little free space I have in there.

For example, the small area between the dryer and wall.
We added a while back a small rod to hang clothes to air dry or while ironing. 
It is also where I "hide" my vacuum cleaner.

 This time, I was looking for a place to store the ironing board.
I had these two knobs I had bought at Hobby Lobby and I knew I could put them to good use,  so I asked my husband to make me a plaque, which he made out of scrap wood he already had.

I painted it in a dark brown color first and then added a coat of white paint. 
When it was dry, I distressed it a little and added the knobs to it.

And in no time at all, I had a place to hand my ironing board and get it out of the way.

I put over it the frame I had bought at Kirklands a few years back.

What do you think?
It has sure helped having that big board out of the way.

Total cost of this project was $4.00 for the knobs I had purchase at Hobby Lobby where they were on sale 50% off.

Thank you all for stopping by.
Tuesdays at Our Home is live right now.
 Come join us for some great fun!

See you all soon.


  1. This is a really cute idea, Maria Elena! I think your laundry room is so functional and pretty!

  2. What a perfect solution! I need this very thing in my laundry room. Thanks for sharing such a good idea.

  3. Great idea! Your ironing board fits perfectly and beautifully!

  4. This is so beautiful for sure hun, you are lucky to have an awesome space like this. I am so hoping to have one of these spaces at some point. Right now I have a corner of the basement, not very nice area but they it gets it all done right. :-) I would love to have one on our main floor, no more ups and down the cellar stairs. LOL Thanks for sharing with us and have a blessed day. :-)

  5. That is the most lovely laundry room!I love your hanger for the ironing board! Very sweet....
    My ironing board lives in the craft room, rarely finding its over the door hanger....

  6. Very cute idea! I am always amazed by the laundry rooms in newer homes and pea green when I get a glimpse! I live in house that was built in the 1920's as a beach cottage. Everything here is small and the laundry "room" is a washer and a dryer tucked into an unfinished corner of the basement. I often wonder if I would like laundry more if it were done in a glorious space like your own! :)

  7. Love the new plaque and knobs. It's the perfect spot for your ironing board. I also love the "ironing service" print you have above it! Such a lovely space. :)

  8. I love it Maria! The knobs are super cute!

  9. Hi Maria! You're just amazing and this is the cutest thing! Who would have thought of this but you! I love the little key holders for your ironing board and how nice that it tucks away too. Your laundry room is just gorgeous. How I would love to have one like yours.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. You are always coming up with creative ways on how to be both pretty and practical and you have done it again! Your laundry room is functional and fabulous!


  11. That turned out great, Maria! Such a good idea and your "ironing" picture above it is perfect!

  12. Very, very, very good ideas, Maria! I like the little rod between the machine and the wall, too, as well as your hanging ironing board. Perfect! xo Diana

  13. Great idea, Maria! You've utilized your space perfectly!~~Angela

  14. Your laundry room is great! Everything you do is so put together and pretty.


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