Thursday, March 6, 2014


 You all know I love creating things for my home using things I already have, specially leftover fabric
Today, I am sharing with you a tiny little pin cushion I made a couple of weeks ago, 
once again using what I had on hand.

I have spending a lot of time sewing everyday, specially lately.
I already had the pins inside the small jar, but it was no fun getting poked every time I reached in there. :)
I almost went out to buy a pin cushion, but then decided to try to make one.

 This is how I made it.
First, choose a fabric. I used a small piece I had left from the pillow covers I made for my Etsy shop.
For this size jar, I cut it 5"x5".
Fold the fabric twice and round the corners.

Using needle and threat, sew a long stitch around the edge of your fabric.

Gather the threat by pulling it.
Add some batting. And insert the small part of your lid inside the little pouch. 
The lid will prevent your pins from falling in, specially if you are not using the ones with the round heads.

Stitch the little pouch to close it and cut your treat.
It doesn't have to be pretty and perfect because you are about to cover it.

Using white felt, I traced the inside of the jar lid and using hot glue, I covered the back of the little cushion.

Push the cushion into the lid and you are done!
Couldn't be any easier.

Just a little project, but it sure comes in handy when you are sewing.
Thank you all for visiting and I will be back tomorrow to share with you another drop cloth project.
Enjoy your day!


  1. You're so talented! Hope your Etsy shop is doing well! You certainly deserve it!!~~Angela

  2. Cute! I just love having several little pincushions around my sewing/craft room -- they are just so handy! I used to do them with baby food jars, but I'm not sure anyone even uses the jarred baby food any!


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