Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I wanted to share with you a project I did last year.
I had wanted for the longest time some outdoor curtains for my back porch but my ceilings are so high back there, that soon I came to realize it was going to be very expensive to purchase some, about $550, and I was not willing to spend that much money for them.
A friend of mine, Helen, gave me this idea, She had seen it done on HGTV or on a blog, so, I decided to give it a try.
Outdoor curtains made of painters canvas drop cloth. Who would of thought!
I purchased mine at Lowes and I was able to do the whole porch for about $60.
It was not an easy project, lots of work and very time consuming, but I did it!
I also had some leftover material and I have used it since then to make pillows for my porch this last summer.
Also, for those of you that like stenciling, this material works great for that.
And the best part is that is all canvas, so it is very durable. My curtains look the same after a year of storms, cold weather and 113 degree heat this summer.
I have also had some fun decorating around them for the different seasons.
Here are some pictures.

Painters canvas drop cloth that I used.

My back porch with the drop cloth curtains.

I love the cozy feeling the curtains gave the back porch

I also have fun changing the little picks on the curtain's tie backs to match the different seasonal decor

And these are the pillows I made last summer with the leftover material.
I stenciled them in teal and apple green to match the decor I had on the porch for the summer.

 I just love pillows!

So, here it is, an inexpensive project that can really change the look of your outdoor space.
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  1. Maria, I'm crazy over your curtains. So glad y'all made your own. I need some on my porch, too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Helen, all the credit goes to you!
    If it wasn't because you shared this idea with me, I would of never even thought about doing it.
    I wish we lived closer. I would help you make some for your beautiful porch.

  3. Melissa, thank you! This was some serious project!
    Glad I did it, but it sure was hard to do.

  4. I have a question...Did you have to worry about mildew? I was considering making curtains, but it would go under an open pergola and I was concerned about the curtains being "gathered" together and getting mildew on them over the course of the season when it rains.

    1. Mine have been up for three years and so far, no problems with mildew. I take them down to wash them every few months and they are holding up very well.

  5. Thank you so very much for your quick response. I think I am going to make some of my own! I was debating between using rip-stop nylon material or the canvas. I like the feel/look of the canvas better. Thank you again!!!

    1. I made curtains for my pergola a little over a month ago. Yesterday I went outside after we have had alot of rain (South Florida) and the curtains had quite a bit of mildew on them. I have washed them with bleach, detergent and hot water and unfortunately it did not remove all of the mildew stains. I am running them through the washer a second time...we'll see! Oh and by the way I purchased the drop cloths at Home Depot and they are a mixed fabric.

  6. I love the curtains! I was looking for ideas, thinking of burlap, but the canvas looks great. The stenciled pillows look great too.

  7. I came across your blog from Pinterest. Love your curtains. I have been wanting to do this project too. I think I will make them for next Spring/Summer for my Sunroom & for our patio. Thanks for sharing. Love the tie-backs and the pillows too. :)

  8. Wow, so glad I stumbled upon your site.. I love your curtains, I too have been waiting for years to buy some but they were too expensive.. brilliant idea! So I am not the MOST handy person, are there details on how to put the rings on and cutting the clothe etc??? thank you!

  9. WOW,, I love your curtains! I have been wanting some for my porch for years... but the cost kept it low on my list.. I am not the most handy person, are there more details on how to cut holes and put the rings in ? Thanks so much!


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