Tuesday, October 25, 2011


By now, you know we love molding around here. LOL
What a difference this project made!
We did this upgrade to our stairwell during our summer vacation time. It was very time consuming and it took us the better part of a week, but it sure was worth it.
We looked at many inspiration pictures and this is what we came up with.

This is the stairwell

We painted he bottom half of the wall Latte by SW to match the living room and dinning room area, added a thick chair rail molding and we built and attached the molding squares.

This small area on the wall, going up the stairs was very hard to decorate, so I added a wall expression and then stenciled some design around it.

Also, I added a small table and some red and gold decor items to give that space a little color.

My babies when they were little and a cute clock I found at Kirklands

The small red flowers on the vase are the same flowers on the picture .


This is what it looks like today

 This is a project anyone can do. It is not hard, just very time consuming.
Next project, taking the carpet off the steps and replacing it with hardwood.
Thank you for coming to visit and have a great week!


  1. Maria: I can't say enough about your beautiful home....it's just fabulous! Your deco taste is just awesome! You should consider HGTV...don't laugh that I keep saying this. YOU truly have so much talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tina, how are you? Thank you so much!
    LOL HGTV???? LOL I would probably pass out from the nerves!
    Big hug to you!

  3. Gorgeous, Maria! I am in love with your staircase!

  4. Maria your staircase is my dream! Absolutely gorgeous! :)

  5. Allyson, thank you so much! I am now working on making some nice garlands to put on the stairwell for Christmas. Can't wait!

  6. Melissa, thank you! It means a lot coming from you! I love everything you do and your home is beautiful. Thank you for your sweet comments!

  7. Maria, can you tell me what color the upper part is? thanks

    1. Sure! I was going to email you back, but your comment showed up as non-reply.
      The lighter color on the walls is Killim beige by Sherwin Williams. The darker color in between the moldings is on the sale color strip and it is called Latte, also by Sherwin Williams. I hope this helps.


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