Monday, October 24, 2011


Every year, the holidays seem to come faster and faster. This year, I am starting to plan early enough, so I can get all my projects done and take my time doing it.
I love to always decorate our back porch for the holidays. We live in Texas, so the weather here allows us to enjoy our outdoor space even during the winter months.
I still had a bunch of canvas material left from the porch curtains, so I made these pillows to put on my bench and, on our chairs on the back porch dinning table. I will be mixing them with some red pillows I already had and some other holiday items.

This is the pillow for the bench.

These are the ones that will go on our chairs with two more solid red pillows.

Close up

All finished!

Items used for this project
Canvas material

Craft paints



Ready to close up the pillow. I used hem tape for all of them. Best invention ever! No sewing!

Here they are, all done!

Can't wait to put it all together!
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Maria they are adorable! I have always like red birds. You really did a great job. You are very talented sweet lady. :)

  2. Melissa, thank you! I am having me one of those days so your kind comment really touched my heart.
    Thank you so much!


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