Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Today, I am sharing with you my last set of pictures of my trip to Spain.
These were taking after my arrival in Cáceres, where my brother and I spent the weekend with our baby brother and his family.

We had a terrific weekend and on Saturday evening, we took a little stroll 
through this amazing city, I forgot how pretty it is and so much history!

First, let me tell you a little about this amazing place.
  Cáceres is a city in Extremadura, Spain.
This is a very, very old city and there is evidence found in nearby caverns, that
there have been settlements near Cáceres since prehistoric times.

The city was founded by the Romans in 25 BC and
 its architecture is a blend of Roman, Islamic, Northern Gothic 
and Italian Renaissance styles.
 Some remains of the first city walls built by the Romans 
in the 3rd and 4th centuries still exist.

You need many days to learn everything about this city and see 
all its beauty, but I only had a weekend, so I took as many pictures as I could.
Let me take you for a little tour!

We started the evening taking a walk by one of the beautiful city streets.
So nicely set up when you think just to the right was a main street.
Everything was so green!

The buildings around us were so pretty and typical of this region.
Look at the tile design on the wall of this building

 Aren't those balconies pretty?
People actually leave in these homes!

 Here is another one in blue tones

 And they had the prettiest stores along the way. 
Uhmmm, cheese! :)

As we walked a little more towards the center of the town, we came 
across this beautiful old church.
I thought the clock and bells were just beautiful.

 Adn as I was looking up taking the pictures, I could NOT believe what I was seeing!

 Look at the size of that nest!
This part of town is also well known for its multitude of stork' nests.
I am still trying to figure out how that huge thing is not falling of the side of the building.
Isn't it amazing?

 And right behind it is the main plaza and the entrance to the old historic town.

 Love these streets!
Can you imagine if those walls could talk and tell us everything they have seen?

The rest of the old city of Caceres is just amazing to see.
The buildings that have been there for thousands of years are so beautiful.

My sister-in-law told me the leaves on this wall and tower turn into a bright red 
color during the Fall months.
I bet that is something to see!

The cathedral is still used today.

 Actually, on that day, there was two weddings happening one after another.
Here you can see the brides and grooms posting for pictures.
Can you imagine getting married in a church like that?

And here we are standing on front of it.
Can you see us sweating? LOL It was sooo hot that day!!!
I am just glad I wasn't wearing a wedding dress! LOL

But the heat did not affect our "lirttle princess".
She just took us for the walk of a lifetime down those streets!  LOL
And she is fast, let me tell you, those little legs can go a long way!
She refused to get in the stroller, until we were so tired we just had 
to bribe her with Cheetos! Too funny!

After this, we went back to my brother's home.
This is the view from his condominium.

And we settled down on their balcony for a cool drink, great conversation and 
a wonderful dinner my sister-in-law prepared.
I also took pictures of her pretty flowers.

 It was a wonderful, wonderful family time!!!
We returned to Madrid Sunday night.

Two days later, I was catching one of these

That took me to the Barajas Airport in Madrid to catch my plane
back to the USA


That was a very, very hard day for me, to have to say goodbye
and not know when you will see again the people you love so much.
I don't have to tell you I cried halfway through the Atlantic Ocean! 

Thank you all for visiting and for allowing me to take you for a tour
of my trip to the other place in this world that I call home.


  1. Your beautiful photos make me feel as though I've come along on the trip with you! I can't get over how beautiful that tile work is on the buildings!

  2. Amazing, amazing, amazing pictures and the memories you have created are priceless. I am fascinated by those stork nests though and how they just hang there- The streets and buildings are just amazing!!!! xo Diana

  3. Thanks for taking us on the tour of this beautiful city. I love the architecture here. It is fun to see other parts of the world. I would love to see the leaves on that building in the fall. The little princess is darling. I can see why it was so hard to leave.

  4. such amazing pictures! looks like something from a movie!!!

  5. I'm ready to book my trip to Spain because you have captured its beauty so well. I'm dazzled by your skill with a camera.

  6. What stunning pictures ... the architecture ... the accents ... the views! And, I love that you captured the couple getting their wedding pictures taken, too! What incredible memories you've come home with ... thanks for sharing them with all of us, too!

  7. That bird family certainly live close to the edge! It looks so beautiful, I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your pictures. The buildings are gorgeous. Marta is too cute for words :)

  8. What a beautiful tour you have given us. It must be heart-wrenching to leave your beautiful family behind.

  9. I enjoyed seeing your trip to Caceres. The architecture of the buildings is amazing...and so is that stork's nest. Your "little princess" is just darling...just look at her being so grown up and wanting to walk instead of riding in the stroller. So cute.
    Hope you're having a great weekend,

  10. Looks like you had a great visit! I would love to add Spain to our travels! Looks beautiful!

  11. What a beautiful city is Caceres!! I love all that architecture!! Me hace acordar de muchos lugares en Colombia, de donde soy!! Tenemos tanta herencia Española!! Gracias por el tour, Maria Elena!! Las fotos estan preciosas!!

  12. Maria, how wonderful to see even more of your Spain and your family. I'm thrilled you got to meet the little princess....the photos showed that she returns your love, too. Love the stork nests and I guessed they were stork before reading that they were. LOL! Well, the only large bird, that I had a name for. Thanks, Helen

  13. What a stunning city! Your pictures captured it beautifully! I love the architecture and colors of the buildings. What a shame you only had a weekend to share but at least you got to do that much! I feel for you crying as you left! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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