Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hope you are enjoying your day. I didn't start mine on a good note.
First thing this morning, the dishwasher broke down and leaked water all over my kitchen.
What can I say? 
After cleaning the mess and having to wash all the dishes, I decided I needed I break. Time to write a post! LOL

Between the holidays, cold weather and being sick, it seemed I was never going to finish this project.
I finally had the time and energy during this long weekend we just had to finish making all the curtains for my back porch.

I bought eight drop cloths. Each one measure 6x9.
I  used twelve packs of grommets, twelve for each curtain, spaced 6 inches apart from center to center.
The grommets I bought at Hobby Lobby, using a 40% coupon on each one of them.

 Because the drop cloth came already double stitched on both sides, I didn't have to sew anything.

And after the grommets were added to the curtains, I hemmed them using my iron and my favorite super strong hem tape.

Because it can get pretty windy around here some days, we used a pretty rope to tie them up, but last week, I decided to make some burlap flowers to make them a little prettier.

With the Spring like weather we have been having, it is nice to sit on the porch as the sun is going down.
Looking at my new curtains makes me smile.

And as it gets dark, I love the glow and the warm feeling the curtains give the porch.
Can you see the full moon? :)

This weekend I also changed the look of the four pillows on my single chairs. I will share that with you all soon.
Also, construction continues around the porch.
Weather is supposed to get cold again, so that is project that will have to wait a little longer.
More to come on that.

Until then!


  1. WOW what a great space! I love the idea of the drop cloths, I have used a many for different projects. Thanks for sharing this idea, have a great day.

  2. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. The curtains are absolutely beautiful, you are so talented. I love the flowers, too. What a pretty porch you have and a pretty view! Enjoy your nice weather!


  3. Maria, they are beautiful! How often do you take them down to wash them? I'm just wondering if drop cloths hold up better outside then outdoor curtains.


  4. You have created such a warm, cozy space, Maria! I just love it! Nothing better than getting a good deal at good old Hobby Lobby to make your dreamy porch complete! :)

    xoxo laurie

  5. Hope your dishwasher is repairable--so sorry that happened! Love your porch, and thanks for sharing how you made the curtains. I'm planning on making valances out of drop cloths, so I'm collecting ideas. :)

  6. It's such a pain when appliances break, isn't it? Your curtains turned out beautifully! I love the addition of the burlap flowers. It's been really windy here today and my patio cushions are blowing all around. :) Your patio looks like such a nice place to relax. I bet you really enjoy it in the evenings. :)

  7. Love the rope tiebacks and burlap bows on your very pretty, no-sew outdoor curtains! You are so talented!


  8. What a huge project, Maria! Your curtains turned out so well. I envy you having a covered porch, and it's nice to know you really enjoy it.

  9. Looks wonderful Maria!!! This warmer weather is teasing us I think!!! Have a wonderful week!!~~Angela

  10. Ugh! Sorry to hear about your dishwasher! The curtains look amazing, and so does your beautiful porch!! Wow what a wonderful place to relax! Awesome Maria!

  11. Your porch looks so pretty and relaxing. The curtains make it really cozy and I love the flowers you added to the tie backs too!


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