Monday, January 23, 2012


Before you start reading, I have to warn you, lots of pictures! LOL
As our children get older, but still going to college and not quite ready yet to start their own lives, we have found ourselves needing to give them a bigger space.

There has been a lot of chaos going on around this house in the last few weeks 
trying to give our daughter a bigger room. 

We had a family room/game room upstairs that we were not using at all since we have another family room downstairs where we spend all of our time, plus the formal living room that we rarely use.  
Wasted space! I do not like that word! :)

And, in the process of doing all this, not only we have been able to give our son a bigger room also by moving him into her old room, but I have acquired the smallest room in the house, which I am in the middle of converting into my very own craft room!

This project is not quite finished yet, but close, so I am sharing it with you 
now and I will update you as we go along

And, this is her new room!

First thing we had to do was enclose the space, meaning, we had to build a
frame, wall, add texture and install double doors. And painted everything! 
Don't forget the painting! LOL
We did all the work ourselves, so, we are very proud of the final result.

This is what it looked like for over three weeks

Come on in! Let me give you a tour of her new space!
We started with the bedding. We purchased everything from Pottery Barn.
This is their new "Vanessa Collection" and we fell in love with it at first glance,
which made us blow our budget big time!!! LOL

She also wanted a coverlet over her bed, but
 could not find one for under $100.00, so I bought the material and made it myself.

And, we also purchased the matching drapes at Pottery Barn that we "just had to have".
Aren't they pretty? 

 And found this beautiful rod at Lowe's during their big after Christmas sale for only $10.00,
original price $59.99.

The next thing we had to figure out was closet space.
We almost built a closet, but we did not want to take any square footage from this room, so we decided to purchase a wardrobe that we had seen in the IKEA website.

And we decorated the top with some of her favorite things 
to give it a little more character

And it all just happened from here!
Since we had already spent more that we wanted to on the Pottery Barn "splurge", we decided we needed to reuse most of the items she already had and just
let paint do its magic!
We went to Lowe's, bought spray paint and also, selected a paint we liked and just bought a sample and with that, we went to work!

First thing we did was paint her mirror and the vase on her dresser

Here are some before and afters

And added a blue glass butterfly tray for her jewelry

Did the same thing with the small orchid pot on her other dresser.
We even put some tiny orange and yellow flowers on the orchids.
It used to be a black pot with white and red flowers, so the change was big. 
Sorry, no before pictures!

We also made the bird art over the bed.
We found the prints at 
and we painted some old frames we already had.

For her night table, we used the same lamp and just changed the lamp shade.
We also added some candles with the same colors as her duvet.

And, we are not quite done yet! 
She is looking for a bench to put at the end of her bed and a nice rug. 
We also have this armoire for her TV on the opposite wall 
that we will be painting white this week to match the rest of her furniture 
and changing all the hardware.
We are also making two small wreaths to put on her closet doors and stenciling another lamp shade!

I apologize for so many pictures! LOL
What do you guys think? Is it a keeper?

I thank you all for your patience with this long post and for coming by to visit.
Some of the pictures came out a little dark. I still do not understand my camera very well.
We will gladly take any input or ideas that will help us finish this project.
I hope you guys are having a great Monday!

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  1. Wow, great job! Lots of details! Your framing in job turned out wonderful! Good work! I know how hard it can be to accomplish these things. Our home has been a do-over since we bought it used in 1989. Love your bedding and the accessories! PB has some great looking materials! The curtains pull it together nicely!

  2. Looks gorgeous. I like the way you have picked out the colours in the duvet cover and curtains for the accessories. It looks very sophisticated. I hope she is pleased with it.

  3. Maria, I LOVE all of the pictures. It really gives us a good idea of the space. The fabric on the bedding and drapes is gorgeous. Love it all :)

  4. Maria, everything looks so great!! You did an awesome job creating such a beautiful space for your daughter! Love it all awesome job!

  5. Wow that's nicer than my Master Bedroom. What a lucky girl your daughter is. It looks beautiful.

  6. The room is beautiful, Maria! I love the PB bedding! It all looks wonderful!

  7. Love her new bedding and the colorscheme is so fresh. I like how you brought out the yellow in the bedding through pillows and accessories. That is one huge room now! I bet she loves it.

  8. Oh what a fabulous room. I love all the beautiful new linens, such a wonderful pattern. The room is huge and you have arranged it so beautifully. Great space. Thanks so much for joining TTT. I have really enjoyed all of your vignettes. Hugs, Marty

  9. Popped over from Coastal the new room..I just redid a small guest room/craft room in the same Pottery Barn pattern, Vanessa. I love that pattern too. Room looks beautiful. I love the Pottery Barn linens so much that I changed all my linens to PB duvets. They have such beautiful prints. Great job and I am sure your daughter is very excited to have such a beautiful room makeover.

  10. Maria: I love your daughter's room. It's just beautiful and what an awesome job y'all did! She has lots of room now. Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures when you finish...I know your craft room will be awesome too!

  11. this is just gorgeous! I have seen that pattern in the PB catalog and it is beautiful with all you've done in there:)

  12. beautiful... makes me want to get to work on my bedroom! beautiful colors!

  13. Gracias Elena por tu visita a mi blog.
    Tu casa es encantadora, me gusta mucho la decoracion del dormitorio.
    Besss. manoli

  14. Looks just lovely! That is one of my favorite PB sets! Thanx for joining the party!

  15. Wow! Your daughter may never want to leave ;-). It's SO beautiful! I love the bedding and the colors and I'm really digging that cool lamp shade! I really enjoyed seeing all the details, so thanks for sharing! I love lots of pictures!

    Thanks for linking up! I love your pretty home!

  16. Maria, it is outstanding! Love that PB bedding, too. And the colors are great...loving the pop of yellow! As usual, y'all do terrific work! Love everything! Thanks, Helen

  17. Maria,
    Nice to meet you hear in blogland, I believe this is my first visit ever, and enjoyed it very much. Yall have done a lovely job on your daughter's room, she must be thrilled,
    very pretty colors too. So you stenciled the lampshade?? It looks fabulous, I was thinking you bought it like that, and thinking how cool, but way cooler that you did it yourself. Glad you shared lots of pics...........enjoyed viewing them very much.
    Blessings, Nellie

  18. I'm in love with this room! She's beautiful! Great job! Will you do me a favor and come share with my group?
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Love the room, especially the bedding since Pottery Barn is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing!

  20. I'm going to have to check out Pottery Barn for curtains. Those are gorgeous. Great idea to turn the unused space into something useful. I bet your daughter loves it.

  21. Hi M.Elena,
    questa camera mi piace molto !!!
    E' stata arredata molto bene :))
    Buona domenica.

  22. OK, I am moving in! WOW it turned out beautiful. I am so impressed you did it yourselves. Your daughter must be thrilled!

  23. The room is beautiful, and I'm sure your daughter loves the new look! I love the PB bedding. It all looks wonderful! I don't think your daughter will ever move out ;-)

  24. The bedroom looks so warm and inviting. I love the blues and yellows.

  25. What a great room. That bedding is so pretty, I would have splurged on it too. What I really like is that you still managed to get a high end look on everything else with just paint and acessories. I love the decorating on top of wardrobe and the Graphics Fairy prints. I am in the middle of redoing my bedroom and have some old frams. I've been considering making copies of her pretty graphics for those. Now you make me really want to do that, so thanks for the decorating ideas!

    Also thanks for joining my new party. I appreciate you adding the button too. I'd love to have you next week or whenever you have something new to share!

  26. That's a big job! But seeing the great outcome is the most important thing. It turn out great.

    Hope your daughter enjoy most her time in her great room. If not? I am moving in §;-)

    Happy mid-week.

  27. Wow, you have been busy!! This is such a pretty room! I love all of the little details and the artwork! You have done a fabulous job!

  28. Such a beautiful room!! This turned out FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing at my party!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! XO, Aimee

  29. What paint color do you have on the walls?


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