Thursday, September 13, 2012


For the last two years, I have been decorating my front door with the same wreath
 I had bought at Kirklands a while back, so, this year, 
I decided it was time to put a new one on our door.

This is my first time making a Fall wreath, so I did look around for a while
until I found the flowers and ribbon I had in mind.
Finally found them at HL 50% off and a few small bunches at
Dollar Tree, so I didn't really have to spend much to put it together.

Actually, the total cost was under $10.00 since I used the 
old wreath I already had from last Spring.
Just removed all the decor from it, cleaned it and it looked like brand new.

This year, I wanted to use a different color, so I added some dark purple
on my front porch decor, which, by the way, I will share with you ladies soon.
Our entrance is undergoing a renovation and it should be finished
 here is the next few days.
Can't wait to share that project with you all!!!

 Once I had everything, it was very easy to make.
I wrapped the burlap ribbon around it and just hot glued away! LOL
The whole thing took me less than an hour.

I also found this cute Fall wreath holder for $2.99.

So here is my Fall wreath for this year.
What do you guys think?
Are you making or buying one?
I can't wait to show you the rest of my front porch decor 
and our finished project.
Thank you for visiting and see you soon!

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  1. Very pretty! I love your choice of colors. You've inspired me to get moving with my fall decor. I usually make my door wreath too. Have a great day!

  2. Oh I am swooning with delight. The colors you selected are lovely!

  3. What a pretty wreath! I love the purple that you mixed in; and the wreath hanger is perfect!!

  4. Maria, thanks for coming by for a visit! Your wreath is beautiful! I need to decorate my front doors and porch. I usually make a big to do about it because we have a really great front porch, but I noticed that the wreaths were scratching the glass on my 150 year old doors...from swirling and moving with the wind. I have tried those enormous suction cups but they just fall I miss my wreaths. Like you, I saved them for a few years and then replaced them with something new. I love your project. They are so pretty.
    Mary :0)

  5. Your wreath turned out so pretty, Maria! I of course make mine :) I am going to make one this week/weekend actually going out in a bit to get some supplies!

  6. Your wreath is so pretty! I love that you added the dark purple. Fall colors are so warm & the purple just kicks the whole thing up a notch.

  7. Your wreath turned out great! I think the purple is so pretty in there. I actually added some purple to my Fall decor this year too. I'll be showing some next week. Can't wait to see ther rest of your porch.

  8. What a stunning wreath to greet your guest at the front door...Great job Maria!

  9. You chose some pretty colors for your wreath. It looks really nice on your door. I like the hanger too.

  10. Your wreath is gorgeous! I wish I could arrange flowers so skillfully. I wanted to fill a box with silk flowers on top of my hutch this fall but went into sticker shock when I priced them. Kudos to you for finding these beauties on sale. I can't wait to see your front porch. (You know how I love your front porch!)

  11. Your fall wreath is gorgeous! And I just adore the colors and florals you used, combined with the unique purple! You did a wonderful job putting it together!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and for the kind comment! :)

  12. I love your wreath! I am so inspired to get going on a wreath for my door!


  13. Love it! All the colors go so well together! The purple makes it unique! Can't wait to see what are you doing to your front porch!

  14. This is beautiful! You have inspired me to make my own this year :)

  15. Maria the wreath is really pretty. I adore the rich purple color in it. Lovely!

  16. VERY lovely! :) love the rich colors AND your photographs :)

  17. What a Gorgous Purple & Orange Wreath! I've always liked those 2 colors together-they compliment each other. Great Job! I love making Wreaths & Center pieces .

  18. Oh so so pretty there girl! Fall is in the air for sure. thanks for joining me.


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