Sunday, December 4, 2011


The moment I saw this picture in the Lowe's Creative Ideas magazine, I knew it was going to be my holiday copycat. I just loved everything about it and the best part was that I already had everything I needed to create that same look.
The garland is the same one I have been making for weeks for our stairwell, so when you open the front door, you also see it inside.
I am just glad I took these pictures last week before we got this bad weather. Nothing like a little sunshine to make everything glitter!
Here is my Holiday copycat!

This was my inspiration picture

And this is what my front entrance looks like

I already had the tree from last year, so I just added a little bead garland, mesh ribbon and some poinsettias to make it look more festive.

 And I added a little ribbon and ornaments to the pot for more color

I wrapped three boxes in pretty Christmas paper and tied them together with some red wired ribbon

And added a pretty poinsettia battery operated candle to my lantern.

I bought this wreath new last year, so I am using it again this Christmas. I think it goes well with all the colors on the garland.

I also made some new pillows for the bench and bought this cute snowman. 
Isn't he adorable!!!

Here is the whole finished copycat!

Side by side

I hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed getting ready for the block party.
Debbie, thank you for this Holiday Copycat Challenge!
Merry Christmas!


  1. Wow! What a welcoming entry!! This is absolutely gorgeous!! Yours is even prettier than the inspiration photo! Great job!

  2. Hi Maria! OH, how beautiful! Well, I must say your copy cat version is so much prettier. The red just says Christmas and looks so pretty! I love your garland - you did a great job on it. The little tree is perfect and I love the balance with the packages! :) How clever to put a Christmasy in your light too! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Oh My your entry does look like a magazine! I actually like your colors much better. Thanks for sharing with the party, Have fun:)!

  4. Great job ! I actualy like the color of yours more ! It's all very welcoming .

  5. Very pretty and holiday festive love the Christmas candle in the lantern, all of your little touches make it picture perfect.

  6. Much better in red! Happy Holidays Maria :)

  7. Gorgeous! Great job!

  8. So bright and festive, I bet it's gorgeous from the street, too! Love your bench!

  9. Love how your entrance looks. I'll have to say that the red and green colors are prettier than the ones used in your inspiration photo.

  10. This is gorgeous, Maria Elena! What an outstanding copycat. Your front door is so festive & welcoming.

  11. I LOVE your front door/entrance area! Yours is even more beautiful then the Lowe's picture! I just love all the red. It really says - Welcome! Thanks for stopping by with your very nice comments!

  12. Your's is adorable. I love the snowman and the christmas pillows! What a fabulous welcoming entry. Wonderful job!
    ( It's prettier than the inspiration!)

  13. What a great copycat project. I love how your entrance looks. I may have to copy you!! Fabulous look.

  14. WOW! You did a fabulous job. It looks so festive and warm.


  15. Thank you, ladies! I had a great time putting the front door together. So much fun! Thank you all for your warm and kind comments.

  16. I like yours even better! And I'm absolutely swooning over that gorgeous bench. The whole porch looks so festive and inviting. Great job!

  17. wow~I can't even pick an aspect of yours that I like the best! Yours looks waaaay better that the inspiration! Found you at Debbie's! Stop by when you have time! wonderful job!

  18. You nailed it and I like your color scheme better because red is my favorite color! I am linking from Debbiedoos.

  19. WOW! What a great job you did. The red just sends it over the moon. In fact, I like yours better.

    Linking from Debbiedoos

  20. What a welcoming Christmas themed view of your front door.Thanks for commenting on my blog, when my blog favorites disappeared I lost your link, its back now.

  21. Maria! In a word, gorgeous! I also love your colors much more than the inspiration photo. Did you also make the outdoor garland? Love all of it!
    Merry Christmas, Helen

  22. Maria, you did a fantastic job of duplicating the inspiration picture. Yours is so colorful and Christmasy. I like the pretty pillows on the bench and of course Mr. Snowman is very cute. Your entry looks like a happy welcoming place. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.--------- Shannon

  23. Wow! You did an awesome job. It looks just like your inspiration. You have a beautiful home and great style!

    Thanks for visiting me!


  24. It looks so beautiful! What a great job you did copying the inspiration photo and I love how cheery and festive it looks. Thanks so much for sharing it at the Doors and Porches party!

  25. Sometimes, home inspectors are early.


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