Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Little by little and after some rough winter weeks dealing with medical issues, I have been slowly making some changes around our home and adding some lighter colors to welcome the warmer months.

Last Fall we purchased a new sofa set and also a rug we found at HomeGoods for our family room. My husband built a beautiful entertainment center and slowly but surely, the family room is starting to look like a brand new space.

We are still shopping for some wall art and an accent chair but, meanwhile, I have decorated the mantle for Spring using some items I already had at home and a couple of new purchases.

Back in March I came across these beautiful glass vase in willow baskets at Kirklands. Soon after they came on sale and I purchased two of them knowing they would go nicely on each side of the mantle. 
You can find them here, although I think they are sold out right now.

The white flowers I bough at Walmart for $2.00 each.
Very economical.

I used the fabric books I covered last year to once again display the topiaries that I had up on the mantle before.
I like the way they looked paired with the new willow vases.

In the center I placed the old wooden letters that spell HOME. I gave them a mini makeover by changing the paper.

This is how they looked before.

On the hearth I placed one of the extra pillows from the new sofa set which came with eight 20" pillows, so I have a couple extra to use around the room and I added a new frame I also purchased at Kirklands.
It is from their American artist collection painted by Haley Bush. You can find it here.

I love the way it looks when the lights come on. This is my view from the sofa every evening.

Like I said, we are still working on finishing our family room but here is a little preview of what it looks like today.
I will soon share a more specific post on all the new items.

Thank you so much for visiting.
Enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. Your mantel & living room look beautiful, Maria Elena! I love the vases. They are fantastic!

  2. Beautiful and peaceful looking!

  3. Your fireplace looks beautiful and I love how your living room update is coming along! Can’t wait to see the reveal. Have a great day!

  4. So many sweet touches. I love them all and am glad you're feeling better. It was a rough winter...

  5. You've decorated your mantel wonderfully! I really like those glass vases in the baskets and the faux baby's breath you put in them - so light and airy looking! Your living room is coming together bit by bit and looks terrific!

  6. It's gorgeous! The flowers are my favorite part. Some of my favorite faux flowers are from Walmart too. Love those baskets as well!


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