Tuesday, May 20, 2014


As we move into the Summer months, we hope to be able to continue upgrading our backyard 
and slowly make all the upgrades we always dreamed off.

Last Summer we did a lot of work on the back porch.
This is what the back of the house looked like.

It is nice to have both porches, but the roof in between both of them was opened, so every time it rained, 
the bottom porch would get soaking wet. We also had a problem with bee hives and birds making nests.

After a lot of thinking, my husband figured out how make a drainage system, so the water could be directed 
into the gutter on the side of the house

We did test it several times to make sure there was no leaks before we were able to frame it 
and enclose the roof using bead board.

And after it was finished, it took us several days to get it all painted.

And then came the flooring! This was a two week job.

And another three days applying the grout.

After all was said and done, I spent a full week making new outdoor curtains 
and we also installed two outdoor fans.

And during the winter month, as weather permitted, we built some steps around it.

And this is the porch today.

Our goal for this Summer is to install a new fence, built an outdoor kitchen and add a pergola.
We will see how far we get, I guess it all depends on how long it will be before the triple digit temperatures arrive. :)

See you all soon!


  1. I remember when you posted about this last year. looks like it all held up just fine! Your porch looks fabulous. Love the furniture and that flooring you put down. Looks like you have a really big back yard! Lots of possibilities!!

  2. Wow that looks amazing! I love the floor. You'll enjoy that space even more now. :)

  3. Wow, your porches look great! Your sweet hubby just does it all! Isn't it nice to have handy hubbies? The bright, cheery green looks so pretty! Hope you're enjoying it before the heat sets in!

  4. Y'all have done so much work and it looks fabulous!! I've always loved that floor and all your decorating touches make it even more beautiful. Love the steps too!

  5. You are on a roll Maria Elena! love all the touches you've done here before and the greens now looks even more refreshing! love it dear. Quick question, I'm planning to put outdoor curtains on my gazebo too, but am afraid of the curtain rods rusting on me, what kind of rods did you use? Is there any rods specifically for outdoor use? I'm thinking pipes right now to avoid the rust issue. Let me know, thanks!

  6. It looks fantastic, what a wonderful place to sit and relax after all your hard work. That drainage system is brilliant; you two make a great team.

  7. Everything turned out so well, Maria! I'm so impressed with your husband's and your diy skills.

  8. Oh, Maria this is wonderful!!! You must love it out there! I'd love to watch you build the outdoor kitchen.....that's our next "big" thing!!!~~Angela


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