Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Time is going by so fast this year! 
Hard to believe is already May. 

The truth is this year we are taking it much easier than others, may be is the age :) or we are just tired.
There is still many projects in our list, but we are just taking it one day at a time.

I thought I give you a little glimpse of what we have been up to for the last four months.
January was sure an "indoor project" month around here.
Since the weather pretty much stayed in the 30's all month we dedicated our free time 
to work on things around the house.

We added a small work area to my craft room.

Build a ironing board holder for the laundry room.

Made some upgrades and changes in our master bathroom.

And spent almost every weekend working on building my husband's workshop.
Not finished yet, but getting there.

And then came my drop cloth obsession! LOL
I made quite a few changes around the house using this fabric.

My biggest project so far this year was updating the living room.
It took me over five weeks to reupholster the backs of the sofas, made new pillow covers, changed the fabric of  the ottoman and added nail heads to it.
I also installed grommets to all my existing drapes.

While that was happening, I made numerous pillows for our home.

And we built a new ottoman for our bedroom sitting room.

I also made some changes to the front porch for Valentine's and Spring.

I added a few Spring touches to the inside of our home.
Making the Spring dioramas was so much fun! :)

Now I am working on updating the dinning room using what I already have.

And with the glorious weather we are having, I couldn't help adding some Spring colors to my front and back porch.

I am working right now on making some changes in our home library and my husband just finished building a little something to add to our updated living room. :)
Always something happening around here and I am looking forward to continue upgrading our home 
for the rest of the year.

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Until next time!



  1. Wow, Maria Elena, you have been one busy woman! All of your new touches are just lovely! I always enjoy seeing what you've created! You are so talented!

  2. You really have accomplished a lot in a little over four months. Everything looks amazing! My hat is off to you! Don't know how you can call it slowing down. Looks like more of a burst of energy to get things done! Bravo, Maria Elena!

  3. Wow! you have been one buzzzzzy bee. You need to open up a tea shop and oh by the way, can I have your craft shop?!! :) Blessings, -Bev

  4. For someone taking it easy, you have achieved a lot so far this year! I am in awe that everything is so neat, even your husband's 'in progress' workshop. I really like your new ottoman.

  5. I can't believe y'all have done all that in just four months! Wow! You've accomplished a lot! I love all your updates!

  6. You are always so busy making your home the lovely place that it is. You have accomplished so much! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. WOW, you've made some marvelous changes - love your rooms - great craft room! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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