Wednesday, March 11, 2015


With everything happening in the last few days, my decorating and crafting time has come to a halt. :)

I am enjoying all the craziness that happens when three siblings get together after thirteen months of not seeing each other. The house is just full of laughter, while they catch up on the lost time while they were apart.
My husband and I just look at each other across the room and smile.

It is a good thing last week I put together a bit of Spring decor for my front porch.
It isn't much and I used just a few things I already had.


I didn't have any spare time to go buy anything new, so I just used a grapevine wreath I already had, 
decided what colors I wanted to use and went "shopping" in my craft room closet where I keep 
all my silk flowers for these occasions. :)

 I went with yellow, light blue and white mixed with a little burlap.
I figured these colors will be nice when I want to add some Easter decor to the front entrance.

And that it it!
A bit of hot glue and thirty minutes later I had some Spring "hapiness" on out front door. :)

Thank you all for stopping by.
I don't know when I will have the chance to post again.
Our grandson will be here any day now and I know life is going to get much busier than it already is. :)

See you all soon!
Take care.



  1. Beautiful wreath, and I pinned your great idea for organizing and storing faux flowers. Have a most wonderful time with your family, Maria!

  2. Very pretty, Maria! I love how organized you are and how you have so much stashed! That is awesome!

  3. Oh Maria ELENA, THIS is just so pretty!

  4. `Preciosa decoracion y desde luego todo muy bien organizado, pero me ha encantado la combinaciĆ³n de la tela de saco con las flores azules

  5. What a lovely wreath! Isn't it wonderful to have family visiting? Our three daughters are the same way when they are all together. They always seem to have a lot to say to one another - and it is all at once!:-) xo Nellie

  6. Your wreath is so the colors and your organizing ideas...I so need to do this! Enjoy your family!

  7. Pretty wreath! Love your organized craft closet! What a happy time for you and your family. Enjoy!

  8. Beautiful Maria! A wreath on the door is always such a nice touch. I change mine all the time. Enjoy your family!

  9. It is a gorgeous wreath and a Happy Spring Welcome!

  10. I love your Spring wreath, Maria Elena! It sounds like there is a lot of happiness going on over at your house. : ) I'm sure you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new little one. Congratulations!


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