Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It is so hard to believe that in about three weeks or less, we will be grandparents.
It seems it was just the other day we were raising our kids, we don't even feel like we are that old. :)

We are super excited to welcome this little guy into this world and we have done everything in our power 
to help our kids get ready for this huge event in their lives.
They just don't know what's coming! LOL

All the necessities have been bought and now, little by little, I am making some pretty things for my grandson.
Of course, if you know me by now, you know I had to make him a cute pillow. :)
It is probably the first of many to come!

Using freezer paper, the Silhouette Cameo and a picture file I created, I made my own stencil.
 You want to place your freezer paper shiny side down before cutting it.

Once it was done and placed the way I wanted, I used my iron to set it in place.
The freezer paper will stick to your fabric very nicely.

I choose a light blue paint for this project because I think it will go nicely with the bedding the kids bought.

Back to the pillow! :)
Using my stencil brush and the light blue paint, I stenciled the drop cloth.

And when it was almost dry, I just pulled off the freezer paper. The paint was still a little wet, 
so I let it dry for a couple of hours before continuing making the pillow. 
It is a envelope style pillow cover, so it will be easy to remove and wash.

When it was dry, I used an old pillow case to iron over the stenciled part and set the paint. 
The ribbon was the last thing I added to it and I did not sew it on the pillow, I just used 
some stitch witchery and the iron.

And this is the final result.
I think it will look cute at the foot of the crib once it is all decorated.