Friday, January 30, 2015


Happy Friday!
It has been a looong week of work and chores for us, we even had "jury duty" to content with, 
so we are really looking forward to the weekend.
We are expecting lots of rain for the next couple of days, but we can't complain, our weather has been gorgeous 
and full of sunshine. Our temperatures reached the 80's just this past Wednesday. 
A rainy weekend is just a great time for some indoor projects. :)

As you all know, we are getting ready for the arrival of our son and his wife. After five years of Navy life, he decided to put to good use in the civilian world all the schooling and training he has received during his military time.
The will be home in just four weeks and if everything goes according to plan, their first son 
will be born two weeks later.

They will be staying with us while she recuperates and they find their new home. 
No complains here since I have not seen my son in 12 months. :(
Many changes had to be done around here. Every other room in this house is taken, so we had to make due 
with the space we have available.
This is his room.


This room has been empty for so long now, for not for much longer. 
I have been busy purchasing new pillows, towels and linens for them.

First, let me say I never thought I see a crib come into my home again. Never say never!
We had the kids choose the crib they wanted and we purchased it for them as a gift.
They choose this beautiful Thomasville convertible crib, which converts all the way into a full size bed and I think it will serve their son well for many years to come.

His room is not huge, so it has taken us a while to figure out how to arrange everything to make it the most comfortable for everyone involved.

 They have purchased all the bedding, so for now, it sits empty. Isn't it pretty? :)

And I couldn't help myself when I saw the matching changing table, so I bought it for them praying the whole time 
it was going to fit in the room. :)
The door you see on the right goes into the bathroom, so I think that spot will be most convenient.

The cute baskets I found at Ikea.

I thought they would be great for extra storage and if later on they don't need them, all you do is unzip them 
from the bottom and they collapse. Pretty neat, right? 

The room is not big, but I think they will be able to survive in it for a few weeks until they buy their home.
And since we know they are going to have many sleepless  nights, we made sure to make room for his TV cabinet.

This weekend I will be organizing and decorating their bathroom, which is a "Jack and Jill" bathroom, that until now, 
it has been used by our teenage son.
Enough said! That is why you have never seen any pictures of it. :)

Thank you all for stopping by.
Have a super great weekend!


  1. Congrats to you!! How nice that you will be welcoming a baby home soon!! LOVE that beautiful nursery furniture!!
    The Winnie the Pooh Bear made me smile as I had a Winnie the Pooh crib for my sons. It came from Sears and the bottom panel of the crib was clear plexy glass with a Pooh Bear painted on it!! The nursery was done in all Winnie the Pooh linens from Sears at the time!

    Thanks so much fro stopping by and for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment!!


  2. How exciting!! What a blessing you and your husband are to your children. :-)

  3. They will be so comfortable, snug, and cozy here. You've thought of everything, Maria. I love the new crib!

  4. I bet you are getting so excited, congratulations! The room is very welcoming and comfortable for your son and family and soon to be grandson.

  5. How wonderful! Your son and his wife coming home and the soon to be arrival of a precious little one. I know you and your husband are just bubbling over with joy! Have a lovely weekend.

  6. I think your son and his wife are very lucky that you have this nice room for them and the new little one. It looks very cozy and comfy. I just bet you had fun setting up that crib and changing table and buying those little extras -- it's just what grandparents do!

  7. You must be so excited!! The crib and changing table are beautiful! You and your hubby are going to be thrilled having them with you for awhile:-)

  8. I was going to ask you about them coming but then I thought maybe the plans had changed. I knew you mentioned it a while back but hadn't heard anymore since. That's going to be quite an adjustment for all of you. The room looks great- they'll love it! The bed and changing table are so cute! Ha- didn't know you had another son!

  9. What an exciting time! I think the bedroom turned out just perfect, I like the colors. The crib is beautiful, as is the changing table! They will be happy having the baby sleeping right next to them for awhile. My DIL has a nursery ready but she also has a small crib in the master bedroom for night awakenings. I did that, too.

    Thank you again for the beautiful gifts. I am posting about them tonight! :)

    Jane x

  10. Congratulations my friend! How exciting for your family. The room is perfect!

  11. You've done a wonderful job of incorporating the crib and changing table into their room. I'm sure they'll be very comfy in there. Love those baskets and the Pooh bear too! :)

  12. How fun to have your son and his family with your temporarily and congratulations on the soon to be baby.

  13. These will be some of the best days of your life. Enjoy every minute you have them home. The room is very beautiful.

  14. That is a beautiful crib! Lovely bedroom too. Sheila E


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