Tuesday, January 13, 2015


This is nothing new, it has been done over and over again, but it is new to me since I never tried 
to transfer an image  to wood.

I took it a step further and after a little investigating online :) I figured out how to transfer one 
of my own pictures. It was so super easy!
 Here is a tutorial on how I did this.

First, select the piece of wood you want to use and sand it a little. 
I decided to paint mine since the wood had some imperfections I didn't like much. 
Just one thin coat was all I needed.

While that is drying, select the picture you want.
I used one of the pictures of our home.

 Now that you have selected your image, you want to load it on Ribbet
This is an online free photo editing site, very much like PicMonkey. 
I have been using Ribbet since I started my blog.

 On the top of the screen you are going to see several options like Text, Touch up, Frames...
You want to click on Effects.

A new window will pop up.
Scroll down to "Pencil Sketch" and click "Apply"

Now, your picture will look like this.

The next step is creating a mirror image.
Go to "Basic Edits", click "Rotate" and flip your picture.

And now you have a mirror image of your picture.
Click save and you are done editing.

I normally save my pictures on the desktop. Easier to find them when ready to print.
Next, you will need to cut an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of parchment paper, which is the standard size of printer paper.

Feed it through your printer and print the  'mirror image" of your picture.
Be very careful when it come out of the printer. 
You don't want to touch your image or the ink will smear.

Now you are ready to transfer your image.
Place it very careful on your piece of wood ( you can use a little scotch tape to hold it in place) and using a credit card or some similar item, just rub, rub rub until your picture is transferred.

If you are going to use your design outdoors, I would seal the image with some polyurethane spray.
Since I was using mine indoors, I did not bother with that step.

And after adding to it some vinyl letters, a glass knob and my old iron keys, this is my final result, although I think 
I will add a frame to my little sign. :)

And that's it! Very simple.
And imagine the possibilities! I can think of a few outdoor projects for Spring I can make using this method.

Thank you all for stopping by!


  1. Great tutorial thank you for sharing. I love how your project turned out.

    1. Thank you so much! It was very easy to do. The parchment paper worked great.
      Thank you for your visit! Maria

  2. What a great idea! Love the little keys too!

  3. This is amazing . . . I've never transferred an image to anything either. Thanks for the tutorial! It does seem easy!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Jan! Super easy and fast project. There is so many ways to use this tutorial, my head is spinning. LOL
      Have a great day! Maria

  5. Love it, Maria Elena! How easy, thanks for the tut!

  6. Wow! What a great tutorial Maria Elena! I should try this! Love what you did!

  7. THAT is fabulous!!! I love it! And since this is a new house we are in, I want to do this too!!! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  8. Great idea and so special that's it's your home. Thanks for sharing the tutorial...xo

  9. This is absolutely beautiful! And the keys are perfect hanging on the wood :) Thank you for the lovely inspiration. Enjoy the remainder of your day! Hugs!

  10. This is a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for sharing this! Pinning this! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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