Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hello everyone!
I feel like we were celebrating the 4th of July just the other day, but that is not the case.
Summer is almost over, kids are back to school, Labor day weekend is around the corner and it all went by so fast 
that I feel like we didn't get to do everything we had planned on doing.

Looking at my little blog reminded me that even if it doesn't feel like it, it has been a good 
and productive Summer for us. A lot got done!
Here are some of the projects.

We built a small accent table for our living room.

 Then I run across a huge fabric sale and I changed all the drapes and pillows in our family room and breakfast area.
Lots of sewing involved! :)

 In the middle of all this, I made a new drop cloth runner for the coffee table and a table skirt for the round side table and I added fringe to both of them.

 Right after I helped my daughter give her bathroom a complete makeover while my husband installed 
a new sink in his workshop in the garage.

 Then came the outdoor decorating.
I made several pillows and accents in "apple green" color to give our back porch a little bit of a Summer feel.
I also made a solar rope lamp using items I had at home.

The front porch also got a makeover.
My husband built me a new sign post and the porch got decorated for the 4th. 
And when it was time to take down the patriotic decor, I also used the same apple green to decorate 
our front porch for the rest of the Summer.

A few projects also happened inside the house.
I gave our coat closet a very much needed makeover and created a large gallery wall on our upstairs landing,
 once again using things I already had.

 And when I thought I was done, my daughter and I went shopping and found a beautiful comforter set 
at such a great price that we just could not leave it behind.
It took us a couple of days to redo her room, but she is very pleased with the result.

 We finally found time to built the bench we wanted for our bedroom for a while now.
We used drop cloth and nail heads to finish it off.

 And then we had a bad internet outage in our area, which caused me to find myself with a lot of free time, LOL
so I put together a new baking area in the kitchen.

And there is also the big, big job happening in our back yard. We are building a huge deck that will wrap 
all around the existing porch and will be the home of our new outdoor kitchen and a larger sitting area.
Maybe we will work faster after the temperatures stop being in the 100's. :)

Well, I guess we did more than I thought. :)
Now we are trying to finish a few things before the holidays get here and believe me, 
we will be eating turkey before we know it. :)

I wish you all have a wonderful Labor day weekend.
Last long weekend for a while. Enjoy! :)

See you soon!

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  1. Wow, you really were busy, I feel like a slacker.

  2. You get so much done! It must be easy for you to make decisions...I have to think about things forever!!

  3. Yes...what pretty additions to your beautiful home.I want some of your energy!!

  4. I so admire you, Maria Elena! You've accomplished so many things in a few months it has taken some to do in years. I bought a new comforter a few weeks ago and have yet to put it on. Dread moving the mattress for the bedskirt and changing out the pillows. You have inspired me but first I'm going on vacation. Maybe when I get back.

  5. I love your home. What is the color of the living room walls?

    1. Thank you! The color is Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams.

  6. Maybe your list was just too big! I think you did well over what the average person would do in a summer! Pat yourself on the back!

    Of course I didn't see everything (too much time in the garden where a few of my projects were completed). I didn't know you had made all the draperies, or the bench in your bedroom. And the baking center! I love it! I wish I had one cabinet just for baking.

    Bravo to you!

    Jane xx

  7. You were a busy lady! It all looks gorgeous!
    Kendra @

  8. Oh, my goodness!

    I was feeling totally unproductive without reading your post. Now I feel like I did nothing.

  9. Wow Maria you got so much more accomplished than you think. our home looks so warm and inviting. If you have anymore free time feel free to swing over to my house and give me a hand! A job(s) well done!!

  10. Maria. I'm always amazed whenever you say you didn't accomplish all you had hoped to complete. Remembering that I've known you several years now and you always have wonderful projects, that you and your husband don't just talk about doing someday....someday arrives at your house. My husband and I are amazed over and over again. Y'all must rest sometime! Thanks for sharing and being a super friend.

  11. I know you have been a busy bee dear, and I know Fall won't be slowing you down at all!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. You've really accomplished a lot this summer! I'm still in love with that baking cabinet in your kitchen! Can't wait to see the completed outdoor projects you're working on. Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!

  13. Wow, you did get a lot done this summer, Maria Elena! I am really loving that fabric you used on your daughter's shower curtain. I feel like a slug after seeing all you got done! : ) Hopefully, I will get a little more done once the heat and humidity backs off a bit. Otherwise, we had a wonderful summer ~ temps were not crazy here!

  14. Yes you were very busy and with great results!!!

  15. My goodness, Maria Elena, it's a wonder you managed to get any sleep!! Everything looks beautiful and bright and comfy!! Kudos to you and your hubs!


  16. Okay, now I need a nap! You and your hubby have really been busy. Your daughter's room turned out beautifully -- such lovely colors. That deck is going to be awesome, and you are going to have so much fun using that outdoor kitchen!

  17. I'm loving everything! Pinned.It's always a pleasure to have you be a part of our party. Please take a minute tonight at 7 pm, to party with us!
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  18. You have made so many areas beautiful! Love the rope wrapped lamp and the pantry organization!

  19. Wow, so many amazing projects - loving that apple green color! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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