Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Hello, friends!
As you all know, I have spent several days without internet or phone service and, as sad as it is to say, 
it has left me with lots of free time. :)

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know I like to keep busy and I am always working on something 
around our home, so in the last few days I have organized every closet in this house. 
I think we now have some of the cleanest closest in Texas. LOL

 The pantry couldn't scape me either and in the middle of all that, I decided to do something 
I have been wanting to do for a while, create a small baking area in my kitchen.
This is what I did and I am sure when the holidays come around, it will make my life much easier.

I chose to use the area right next to the stove.

I had a new set of dishes in there, which I moved to the butler's pantry and this is where 
I went to work organizing my baking supplies.

This is what I did. On the first shelf I used two stands I had from my old house and several extra jars to organize all the sprinkles, nuts, spices, food coloring, cook books and a few other supplies.

I used the second shelf to store the flour and sugars in glass jars for which I made some vinyl labels.

And I have a little scoop in each jar from Dollar tree for extra convenience.

Above the jars you will find some cake and cookie mix
and frosting.

And I used the top shelf to store the cookie press, chopper and hand blender.

Using command hooks, I added the baking utensils to the inside of the cabinet door for easy access.

And on the cabinet underneath the counter you will find all the cookie sheets, cake pans, cooling racks, 
serving dishes and stands.

I sure had a fun morning organizing all the baking supplies and now I have a little more extra space 
in the pantry, which is always nice.

Thank you all for stopping by.
See you soon!

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  1. VERY organized, Maria Elena! You did a great job setting this up and it looks like you took everything into consideration from the measuring cups to the pans. I have a similar upper cabinet set up, although I do have some mixes in the pantry. I should just move them over since we forget we have them and it makes sense to have everything in the same area.

  2. Wow! Maria, this looks amazing! You really put on your organizing cap with this. I love your new baking station and you've given me some great ideas.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  3. No entiendo nada de lo que escribes, no sé ingles, pero maja, que ordenado y curioso ,o tienes todo, la casa que se ve en el blog es tuya???

  4. Oh my goodness!!! You have to be the best organizer I have ever seen!!! This is just beautifuly done! You now have motivated me to get more organized in my cabinets.

  5. Wow, I'm impressed and inspired! What a beautiful, creative way to organize your baking cabinet!! The use if different sized jars is genius and cute.

  6. Oh, my goodness!

    My closets and pantry need a makeover after seeing your organizational skills.

  7. What a super idea! You did a great job too, so neat & organized. I wish I could pull this off in my kitchen.

  8. That is absolutely beautiful and I love how organized it is. There is nothing worse than starting to make something and having to stop and find an ingredient. Can you tell me how you made the vinyl labels? I would love to do that with my cabinets. Thank you.

    1. Hello! I made the labels with the Silhouette Cameo. It was my first time, but it worked really well.

  9. OMGoodnes amiga, you have been working to the bones! Everything looks gorgeous, so neat and organized, I totally love it, wish I could go and visit you for a cuppa tea, lol! Great job Maria. Everything is for a reason and here you are, spending so much free time without internet in good use.
    Have a lovely rest of the week.

  10. Great job, Maria Elena! Love the glass containers with their labels and their scoops! Last year, my laptop was in for repair for a week; I can't tell you how much energy I had and got so much done!! Makes you wonder, sadly, how much time we're all online.


  11. It is so much fun having a well-organized baking center, and yours certainly fits the bill! It took me several tries before I got mine just the way I wanted it, but having it definitely makes baking a lot more fun!

  12. Oh, Maria Elena...I LOVED this post!! I went back and looked at your pics several times. :) I love how you've organized this baking station. And you're'll really appreciate the convenience of it come holiday baking time. You're so clever to use command hooks to hang baking utensils too. And, by the way...I have that same Santa's Favorite Cookies cookbook! I found it at Walmart years ago with no price tag, so the inexperienced checker just gave it to me for $1! Hee!

  13. I love how you organized these Maria Elena! The labels are just perfect, so neat, and pretty, I wanna bake there right now!

  14. Your new baking center is so well organized, and I can just imagine you baking your heart out for your family over the holidays.

  15. This is fabulous! I love the use of space!! Now you've got my mind thinking!!!~~Ang

  16. I so want my cabinets to look like yours!! Love all the mason jars and apothecary jars. This is my next goal!! Awesome! Simply Awesome!!

    Thanks for sharing

  17. I love this!!! I am a sucker for all things that are well organized! Looks great and functional. I will be featuring this on my FIRST Sunday Shout Out, it will be live tonight at 6pm. :-) Stop by and take a look. Thanks again and have a great day.

  18. Nice job. I've read it's usually recommended to refrigerate or freeze nuts, so they don't go rancid. I always freeze mine, they keep a long time. Just a thought. The "Pioneer Woman Cooks" cookbook? Sorry, but I had to laugh. I've watched her show a bit, and she uses so much packaged/premade foods, that I've haven't seen her do much actual cooking....

  19. I forgot, it's good to refrigerate yeast as well, stays fresh longer...

  20. I am visiting from Ms.Moozy's. Just couldn't resist a baking station post since I love it's cousin, the pantry :) It is so nice and organized! Have a wonderful week!

  21. Visiting from Inspire ME Monday. Thank you for all the pictures. I am inspired. My old farmhouse kitchen and mudroom cabinets are hard to organize but I got some good ides from you. Linda

  22. Hi there!! I'm visiting from My Front Porch to Yours..!!! you have just inspired my next project. I am currently finishing up a closet turned into pantry project and now I will organize it with this in mind. Yours looks fantastic!! I especially love the lil mason jars used for the sprinkles.

  23. What a terrific baking station. It looks like you will have everything at hand to whip up something yummy. I am going to borrow a few of your ideas the next time I update my baking area!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  24. Awesome job! Love your baking station. I have a similar cupboard for some of my baking supplies, but it's nowhere near as cute as yours. You should have a baking party! :)

  25. This is terrific!!!!!! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Watch for your feature on Monday xo

  26. I love your ideas! Pinned. It is always a pleasure to have you be a part of our party! Please join us tonight at 7 pm.
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  27. Now this made me laugh because I often wonder how did I get so much more done when I was younger...well I did not have the internet then! :) Look at your lovely organization / fun post! :)

  28. Great job! Really turned out to be a handy baking center. It's as pretty as it is useful. lol! Can't help it, I love organization. It's pretty to me! I just organized my sewing room closet. It's such a nice feeling to go in there and see right where everything is. I have jars with scoops in my pantry that I love, but the cupboard worked fabulously! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  29. Looks great! Everything is so nice and organized!

  30. Very well done! Love your labels and the little dollar store scoops.

    I think most of us can so relate to having extra time when we don't have Internet. I think we would be so much more productive if we spent less time in front of a computer screen...but then the irony would be we would have few people to share it with! lol

    Stopping by from CLH Maria. Happy to meet you :).

  31. Your baking station is amazing! Beautifully organized! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  32. It all looks so neat, Maria Elena! Now I have to go and see where I can incorporate a baking station in my tiny kitchen. I love what you did!


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