Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Good evening, everyone!

Taking the opportunity of a rare quiet moment, I wanted to share with you all tonight a little bit of 
our Holiday decor on our front entrance.

Again, it is not much, since not only I haven't had much time on my hands to do much decorating, but, at the same time, it sure does not feel like Christmas in Texas.

It is very hard to get in the Holiday decorating mood when you are doing it in shorts and sandals and 
sweating like it was July because our temperatures are still in the 80's.
I don't think we will be wearing our coats this year! :)

Anyway, here is our Front Porch.

I made a new wreath, added matching garland over the door, made some pillows and on the side of the door, we put a new old fashion Christmas street lamp to which I added a little ribbon, some flowers and holiday picks.

And I tried to take some pictures at night, but 
I was not very successful. LOL
Well, you get the idea!

 I will be sharing our kitchen Christmas decor soon and, also our Christmas tree. 
Thank you for visiting and see you all soon!

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  1. Looks so beautiful and festive. I need to get busy on mine as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So pretty and welcoming! Glad you enjoyed your son while he was there to visit!!
    xo Kris

  3. It is so pretty,I love the lantern that you have done, it goes so well with everything that you have done. Really? In the 80's? We will be in the high 30's tomorrow but we did have a few days in the 60's here in Pa.

  4. So pretty, Maria! I love it I hear ya not having enough tims on your hands I thought I had way more I still need to do our staircase tree and front porch I plan to do a little each day I hope I can finish by the weekend. Its still jot here too its depressing!

  5. So beautiful and welcoming! Love the lamp post piece!

  6. Maria, your front porch is so festive and welcoming. That lantern is adorable! I just put the wreath on the door today. I'm with you...it doesn't feel very Christmas-y right now. However, they are predicting a major cold front for next week. I'm looking forward to some fireplace weather! Your home looks beautiful!

  7. Hello Maria Elena
    Thank you for your comments on my previous post.
    Although not as warm as Texas I have also always found it difficult to settle into a Christmas mood here in Alicante under startling blue skies and this luminous sunshine. I'm from the traditional snow covered Christmas scene little town in the UK so its always been out of focus for me at Christmas here. Nevertheless I make it as Chritmassy as possible because after all its all really about enjoying this time with the family. In my opinion your front porch Christmas decor is delightful and in the heat of Texas I'd say anymore would be too fussy. I particularly like the wreath and the replica street lamp which reminds me of the old parts of London.

    keep well

    un abrazo

    Amanda :-)

  8. it looks amazing. I can just see folks slowing down to see every beautiful detail...
    you sure are spreading the joy at your house.

  9. Your decorations are beautiful! Besos desde Madrid, Elisabeth

  10. Awesome! I love your front porch (I remember the new look you guys gave it)! I like the poinsettias above the door and your lantern arrangement! Your wreath is beautiful and with the black behind it it really shows off nicely!
    I guess you will just have to "suffer" through your warm temps while I have to "survive"(We are at 30 degrees this morning) my cold ones!! Well there is always ice cream to cool you down! LOL Seriously I love it!!

  11. You know I always love to see the changes you make to your porch! Well, it never disappoints! It looks beautiful! I love that Christmas street lamp on the side and all of your decorations, simple and perfect!

  12. Very pretty, Maria Elena! I just love that old fashioned lantern!

  13. Your porch is just lovely. Magazine worthy, for sure. You have a beautiful home.
    Here in West Texas, we are still having 70 and 80s weather, too. All the leaves are falling and a bit windy...not a pretty time of the year out here.

  14. Maria Elena, your porch is beautiful all decked out for Christmas. I love that old fashion Christmas street lantern!! You have it decorated so pretty. The weather here in Maryland this week has been warmer than usual this time of year! Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  15. Your front porch is always so pretty. I adore how you decorate it so beautifully for each season. It's just beautiful, Maria Elena!

  16. It does look very pretty. I like the lights in the greenery and the flowers underneath the street lamp, and the wreath is gorgeous.

  17. What a lovely front porch! You can't tell by looking at the pictures that it's eighty degrees, your decorations really capture the Christmas spirit! :) =

  18. Maria, it's beautiful. I love those planters! I wish my decorations were all up! :)

    Merry Christmas,

  19. Comfy, inviting and elegant! Great work. :)


  20. i love the old fashioned lamp in the planter. what a great look! stopping by from marty's party.

  21. I found your blog at A Stroll Thru Life. Love all the beautiful porch decor! Joined your site.

    Sarah at livinglaughingandloving-sarah.blogspot.com

  22. Wow! Your front entrance is gorgeous! Love the lantern and the colorful pillows on the bench. Your photography really shows off your house.

  23. I love your front porch - very festive - love the added touches to the bench, really pulls everything together.

    I'm stopping by from Katherine's Corner blog hop.

    Happy Favorite Things Thursday!


  24. Quite adorable- understated and classy! Great Job!

  25. It may not feel like Christmas, but your front porch sure does look like it. Very very beautiful and inviting! Thanks for sharing with 'Creating Christmas'.


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