Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I hope your week is going well.
Mine has been quite for a change and with lots of time to craft, sew and get myself into trouble. :)
For several weeks now I have been trying to create a guest room in our home, so today I am sharing with you 
what I got so far.

As you all know, our oldest son got married, had a baby and they moved in their new home last Spring. 
Before that, his room sat empty the whole five years he was in Navy and he only used it when he came home on leave. This is what his room looked like.

And although the kids still stay in this room when they can come home some weekends, I decided to change it into a guest room. Reality is that unless his wife throws him out of the house for misbehaving, he won't have a need for a room in our home anymore. LOL
This is what the room looks like now.

I looked for a comforter set for a while. Didn't want to spend a small fortune to make these changes.
One day I went to Ross looking for a basket and came home with no basket and new bedding for this room. 
It was a ten piece set for $34.99. It even included a queen size coverlet and I loved the embroidery details.
 Could not leave it behind!

Later on, one day browsing online, I found out it was a Macy's closeout and the original price for this set was $320.00.

Little by little, the room started to come together.
I added a small sitting area by the window using a small round table, a pretty lamp from Kirklands and the old 
wing back chair we reupholstered using drop cloth. 
You can see that post here. The chevron pillow cover I bought at Hobby Lobby for $2.00.

The drapes I also bought at Kirklands. They are really good quality and the color is beautiful in person.

 On the other side of the room I kept his media cabinet since it also has a lot of large drawers to store clothing.
On the empty spaces designed for other electronic devices, I added two basket I already had and which they fit perfectly. They have proven to be very useful to drop off keys, cell phones, etc...

I didn't know how to decorate the wall over the bed, I looked around for a while but nothing caught my eye.
At the end, I asked my husband to build me a small window using two fence boards we had in the garage.

I painted it using Heirloom White, made a small "Home" sign to place over it with the leftover piece of the fence boards and added a small boxwood wreath for a pop of color.

And that is all I have done until now.
I don't know if I will make any changes, you all know how that is, :) but for now I am enjoying the new look.

I want to thank you for your visit and comments.
They mean the world to me! Thank you!

I just finished last week decorating our family room for Spring, so I will be back to share the new look as soon as 
I can get all the pictures ready.

Until then!

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  1. Ilove it, so pretty and that bedding is stunning. Great find.

  2. Good Morning Maria, Your room looks lovely. It was very nice before, but heavy and masculine, now it is so bright and fresh. I can almost smell sun dried linens and fresh spring air, just from the light colors and patterns in the room. Beautiful job!

  3. Oh my goodness, Maria! It looks great!!! I can't believe the deal you got on the bedding! Love how you decorated over the bed and those baskets fit perfectly in the media cabinet! Such a beautiful room!

  4. Wow!! I am blown away by the transformation! It looks just super. I am so impressed with the chair redo, too! Amazing!!

  5. Wow Maria that was quite the buy! That pillow cover works perfectly too and the drapes are really pretty. You did a great job of creating a guest room. Mine will rarely get used but somehow it seems like the right thing to do in having one. Somehow that bed looks larger now- it must be the layout of the bedding that helps. Great job!

  6. This is a gorgeous room, Maria! It looks so soft and warm with the pretty comforter (and wow, what a deal), and the white accents. I've never been in Ross but I hear such great things, I will be going soon. The drapes are also beautiful and the reupholstered chair looks brand new! How lucky you are to have a handy the window and boxwood wreath. How looks like a totally new room.

    Cab't wait to see what you've done in your family room!


  7. Love everything you have done! Beautiful room. The bed set is a steal.

  8. Wow! You are such a good shopper! The room looks amazing..even the furniture is transformed by the lighter colors. I'd love to shop with you sometime. :)

  9. Maria Elena,
    I l o v e the new changes within your new Guest Room, dear friend!
    The pattern of your bedding is very serene. . .good for a great night's rest!
    The color palette is relaxing and gorgeous as are the draperies!
    I have difficultly finding draperies with tab backs!
    Purchasing nice drapery rods a few years ago, I prefer to slide mine across the pole.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely Spring refreshed Guest Room make~over!

  10. Your newly decorated room looks fantastic. I love the colors you used. Your husband did an amazing job with the window frame as well.

  11. Ohmy goodness, ME - this room is awesome! You did such a perfect job with it (and wonderfully frugally as well!) You sure got the look for less- cuz it looks like you spent an absolute fortune on it. You havfe such a flair for design! WELL DONE, ma'am - love it. When may I come over and stay in that pretty space please? : - )

    Hugs. ♥

  12. Maria, your new room just sings Spring!! It looks so welcoming and much bigger with the new color scheme :)

  13. I just LOVE your new bedding! The whole room looks beautiful. I love the fresh light blue color you introduced. The drapes coordinate perfectly with the bedding too. Anyone would be very happy to stay in that room. Great job!

  14. I saw that bedding set at Ross...and thought how beautiful, but didn't have the need to purchase...great buy and it looks lovely in your now softened room. I'll come and stay---lol, Sandi

  15. Lovely room.....the bedding and drapes are so pretty!

    Warm hugs,

  16. You are talented Maria Elena!! Beautiful room!

  17. Gorgeous! Such a beautiful retreat...lovely!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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