Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I have to tell you, I am knee deep in Christmas decor. Literally! :)
This year I started late with the Fall decor and the same is happening with my Christmas decor.
I am on a mission to finish everything in the next couple of days.

Today I am sharing how I made some holiday frames for the kitchen.

 It all started when I decided to use the letters I made for the mantle last year to create a small kitchen vignette.

My Spain rooster frames did not go very well with the colors of the season, 

I love them and they sit in my kitchen all year long, so I figured out a very simple way to changed them 
for Christmas without having to take them apart.

I did start by cutting a piece of glittery thick card stock the same size as the opening of the frame.
When that was done, I made a holiday vinyl silhouette.

And just using a couple of scotch tape pieces, I attached it to the glass.

This transformation was so quick and simple, I decided to fix up the other frame also.

Since the Christmas decor is only up for a few weeks, this is a nice way of using your existing art and turn it into something pretty that will match your holiday theme without having to spend any extra money.
My kitchen is finally done and I will be sharing it with you as soon as I can go though the pictures.

Thank you all for stopping by!
Until next time.


  1. How cute are these? I could easily see myself doing this simple project! So pretty. Thank you also for sponsoring this Link Party. This is my first time sharing with you, so thanks again - Christine

  2. Love these ideas, and I like sticking the print to the glass. My kind of easy. :) Cute NOEL piece, too.

  3. So very cute, Maria Elena! I'm amazed at all you do! xo

  4. Great idea! I covered the floral picture in my bedroom with fabric so it would match my holiday decor, but I like your idea much better!

  5. Really, really cute and easy project. They look great! I am so far behind it is not funny. I have not hauled out the first Christmas decoration yet! ugh- xo Diana

  6. I wish I knew how to make a vinyl silhouette!!! I need to pieces of art for the Christmas guest room and this would be the perfect solution!!! Yours look GREAT!!!

    1. Hi, Pinky! I use the Silhouette Cameo to make the silhouette. It is such a neat "liile toy". Best tool for crafting.

  7. Oh I wish I knew someone that had a Silhouette nearby....I love your little frames....what a great idea!

  8. Cute idea, Maria Elena! I have one of those same rooster prints, but mine is sitting way up high, side-by-side with some snowmen.....lol! Not getting up on the really tall ladder again until it all comes down, so I'll keep this great idea stashed in Pinterest until next year!


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