Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Hello, everyone!
How are you all doing?
Busy, busy week around here! But what's new! :)

Today I am sharing with you a little update on our back porch. 
We have been working on it so hard! This sure has turned out to be a huge project and it is not finished.
For now, the ceiling is enclosed, the floors are finished and bought new lighting.

 We liked very much the bronze finished since it went very well with our new floors.

They can be operated with a remote control which we mounted by the back door for easy use.

I am still working on my new outdoor curtains. Another big project! 
Because the porch is so high, it takes lots and lots of drop cloth.

We will be moving on soon to the "screening part" of the porch.
We are looking at several options, one of them will be installing remote control retractable screens.
Have you seen these? 
We really like them since it is a great option to have the best of both worlds and a less permanent solution. 
You can either have your porch screened or open to the rest of your outdoor space just by pushing a button.
Since we have more plans for the yard, this will be the perfect solution for us, now we are in the process of getting some estimates. I am sure they are pricey! :)

I can't wait to see this project finished and start decorating our porch. It has been a looong Summer for us! :)
But it will be all worth it at the end.

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See you all soon!


  1. Maria Elena:

    Wow, your porch project is coming along! I know you are looking forward to having it complete so the fun part of decorating can begin. No, I have never seen remote control retractable screens, however the image looks great!

  2. Wow it's really looking awesome! I like the idea of retractable screens. I wonder if you'd want a door so you can go out of the screened area and not have to raise a panel to do it?

  3. You have a wonderful porch and all the ideas you have for it are coming together beautifully!

  4. It is coming along nicely. I like your new lighting and fan very much. I haven't seen retractable screens, but they do sound like a good option.

  5. I love the new Fan! I haven't seen one in that style. I have seen the screens at the Vista Home Show here in Memphis, TN. They are very nice. The only downfall they I have with them, is you might need a way to access the yard, without raising the screen up and down.

  6. I love the improvements you've made so far. We want to add fans and curtains to our back patio, so I'm following your progress with interest! Dee :)

  7. it looks fabulous and I know it will just keep getting better n better..
    loved your photos.

  8. It is looking really gorgeous. LOVE it!!!! Great looking fan, too. Have fun with those drop cloth curtains. As far as those screens go they sound perfect. We couldn't use anything like that here because we get such strong, strong winds off the bay it would just blow them to smithereens. Can't wait to see it all finished- xo Diana


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