Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Good morning!

As you all know, we have been remodeling our back porch and although the construction continues on the rest of the yard, it is time now to pretty up the porch a little.

And I say a little because the outdoor furniture we want to purchase are on back order until the first week of January. There is no way I want to have the porch empty that long.
Our weather is so warm (we are in the mid eighties) that I am sure we will be able to enjoy it yet for quite a while.

Since I had to put the old furniture back on the porch for now, I decided to make some new pillows to dress it up a little and I am also finishing my new drop cloth curtains.

I made these pillows with leftover drop cloth.
This is a no sew project and I made them using iron on hem tape.

I am making enough pillows for all the chairs, but I decided to add a little stenciling to the ones on the bench.
I bought these stencils at Hobby Lobby. 
Original price $2.99 each but with my 40% off coupon I only paid like $1.80 each.

 I used Burnt Amber craft paint 

 A very simple and easy project that will give your outdoor space a warmer look.
I am trying to put a tutorial together on how I made the outdoor curtains and I will share it with you soon.

 Thank you all for stopping by!


  1. wooooohoooo those look terrific~!! you did good Maria

  2. Very pretty, Maria Elena! Love the stencils you used!

  3. looks wonderful! You must be so pleased!

  4. Love these Maria! So simple. I think I can do this!!!~~Angela

  5. Maria Elena,

    Your entire set of iron patio furniture, pillow, and fabric is so beautiful and against the stone facade, it is just so warm and inviting! You are so talented!

    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely Thursday!


  6. Maria, I'm thinking no sewing means that I might be able to make these! Thanks for sharing...I posted to Google+ for other non sewing to see the instructions.:)


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