Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Does it happen to you?
Do you add a new item to a room and you just start moving things around or is it just me? :)
Sometimes I wonder!

It all started when I purchased a small basket from Ross.
I have been looking for one this shape and size for a while, something to hold all our everyday items that, somehow, they always end up on the kitchen counter and I was getting a little tired of looking at, you know, keys, cell phones, mail that has to go out, etc...

So, to be able to fit the basket, I had to move my glass jars somewhere else and, by doing that, 
I also had to find a new corner for our coffee station.

Of course, I had to move my husband's coffee maker! Sorry, honey!
The poor man don't even know anymore where to go make coffee in the mornings. :)

And the small sign I had on that side of the counter had to be moved to the butler's pantry.

The only areas that stayed untouched were the island and breakfast table.

Sooo, purchasing this small basket created a little bit of chaos in my kitchen and a few hours of work because, of course, as I was moving things around, I figured it was a good time to give the granite counters a good extra cleaning and wax. Again, do this happens to you? All this for a $4.00 basket! Go figure! LOL

And if you weren't certain already that I have lost my mind, I have to confess that while I was doing this I was thinking of how I want to decorate my kitchen for Fall. Can you tell I am a little tired already of the triple digit temperatures?

I hope you are enjoying your week!
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Some great inspiration!

See you all soon!



  1. Don't you just love when things like that happen? Your kitchen looks great and you inspired me to move a few things around myself. Have a great week.

  2. It's amazing how one small addition to your home can cause a chain reaction and nothing stays the same as it was. I love the changes-hope your hubby does! xo Diana

  3. I love your great kitchen Ma. Elena! I know what you mean...we move something and before you realice it, you're moving furniture, lol! Love your coffee station and hope your hubs is happy now. Big hugs,

  4. :-) this happens to me all the time, I think about something, I work on it and then start thinking of something else ha!ha! :-) the basket is a good and nice addition to keep your stuff! :-)
    by the way, I also started thinking about FALL d├ęcor already! :-)

  5. Oh Maria, I love this post because I do the same thing all the time. It drives my husband crazy!! I'll buy a new item or move a piece and from there it goes into pure madness. I love every minute of it and after 40 years of marriage hubby has learned to just deal with it. Ha! Love how every thing looks in your kitchen. Good job!

  6. I did the exact same thing today: I decided I wanted to bring out my shell collectio before summer is over so that meant moving ALOT of stuff around!!!! I have been looking for a basket like that too, for the pile of apers here on my desk. I'll check Ross! XO, Pinky

  7. I do the very same thing!! But that's what we do, right?! I, too, am daydreaming about fall and decorating and, hopefully,cooler temps! Try to stay cool!~~Angela

  8. I love seeing pictures of your beautiful kitchen! I am constantly editing my kitchen counters, always for a more simple look. And then things accumulate again! I finally organized all the everyday things by buying a little canister for the keys (4 sets in my house). When I see them tossed somewhere, I know where to put them to keep them out of sight. Then I found a little wood caddy at Marshall's to divide the mail up in. I placed that in a wicker tray that holds a note pad and cup for pens. I can't say that everyone uses it, but at least I have a place to put all those odds and ends in. I love organizing, it clears my mind! :)


  9. Your kitchen is lovely, and I like your new basket tray. I am sure you husband didn't have too much trouble finding the coffee pot!
    Thanks, Patty


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