Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hello, everyone!
Today, I want to share with you a small tip that really works.

You all know how much I like to change my front porch decor and make new pillows all the time.

When choosing fabrics for my outdoor space, I try to use outdoor material but, most of the time, I have a difficult time finding what I am looking for, and sometimes the fabric that I like it is like $40.00 a yard and reality is that, not in a million years I would spend that much to make pillows that I know I am going to get tired of looking at in a few weeks. :)

So I find myself buying regular fabric and yes, living in Texas, when you leave regular fabric sitting outside for a couple of weeks in the blistering sun, this is what happens.

Or this!

I had to figure something out and then, I remembered something I read somewhere a loooong time ago about spraying clear sealer on your fabric to protect them outdoors.

So, I did just that with the most recent pillows I made for my front porch. This color is so rich and it is so very hot in San Antonio right now, I was worried they were going to be white in just days. By the way, the fabric looks and feels the same after spraying it with the sealer.

 Guess what? It works!!!
I am happy to say the pillows have been outside for over a month now and they look as bright and colorful as the day I made them.

 And even this week, when we had very unexpected and heavy rain

I watched the water drops slide right off the pillows sitting on my front porch, just like outdoor fabric would do.

So, there you have it, a little inexpensive way of protecting your pillows, wreaths or any other fabrics you may want to use outdoors. 

Thank you all for stopping by!
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Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. I am so glad to know that! Thanks so much...hugs, Penny

  2. Oh-Thanks, Maria Elena, for that tip. I have ALWAYS spray my purses and shoes when I get them but never thought to use the sealer on PILLOWS! YOU ARE SMART! xo Diana

  3. This is wonderful to know! Being in Texas makes me even more interested in this stuff! Thanks for sharing the info. Have a great week!

  4. Great info! Thanks for sharing. I just bought new pillows for my front porch....

  5. Thanks for that tip, Maria Elena! We have pulled all of our furniture under the patio for now, since there is no sitting outside anyway. I will be using this product when and if the temps come down and we can actually be outside! I find myself longing for Fall all ready. Guess I just need to go wander the aisles of Hob Lob!

  6. very glad to know about this product now Maria Elena! :-) I will be getting this to protect my pillows

  7. Thanks for the tip. Wish I had known this when I reupholstered my outdoor furniture at my old house. My patio was covered so I didn't think I would have a problem. After a while I began to see tiny black spots on some of the pillows. I hope it wasn't mildew and never found out. We moved and left the furniture there. I wonder if it would help to spray outdoor fabric,too? It has a way of eventually breaking down.

  8. That's a great tip! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! We are building a deck and patio here at the new house and I will NEED this tip soon!!!!!

  10. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing your secret. You do not know how many pillows and curtains that have ruined on my porch due to mildew.

  11. Great tip!! I never knew this. Thank you and keep cool

  12. Great tip - where would one purchase Valspar Spray????

  13. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tip Maria Elena! I'm pinning this so I don't forget when I made my new pillows for my front porch in the fall. Enjoy your day, Gail

  14. This is great to know. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. Maria, I'm going for that can of spray for sure. Thanks for sharing it with us.



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