Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our garden is thriving!

Hi, everyone!
So much to do today, but I wanted to share with you guys really quick some pictures of all the flowers I planted back in March. They are doing so well this year!

Just remember I bought them very small and paid barely one dollar for each one of them, but they are sure enjoying the nice weather we have had until last week.

I know it won't be much longer! LOL Once the temperatures hit the triple digits, there will be no more pretty flowers to look at in our home. It happens every year!
But, at least, we get to enjoy them for a little while.

Even the Knockout Roses I planted this year are doing very well.
It was touch and go there for a couple of weeks!

And the Crape Myrtles are finally blooming!

And I think all these signs of Spring and Summer are attracting the
cutest visitors! Look who paid a visit today and sat on my porch for a while!

I hope you guys have a beautiful Sunday!
Thank you for taking the time to visit!



  1. Ladies, for those of you who left me a comment, I read them, but when I when to publish them, they just vanished! I have no clue what happened! I just want to make sure you don' think I just deleted them. Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

  2. I would definitely say your flowers are doing quite well. Beautiful flowers & photos, the colors are so vibrant.

  3. They are beautiful! A green thumb is one thing I don't have!!

  4. beautiful and i am jealous because gardening is not my thing!!

  5. I love the flowers!! Florida is also blooming the periwinkles and crape Myrtles. I was just remarking to my husband last night that there are so few flowers here compared to the midwest. People don't plant annuals and I miss the masses of color. We don't have triple digits here, we have "it feels like" triple digits! Since this is our first spring and summer here and I'm learning. I've noticed landscaping is done in green shrubs instead of annuals, so I'm looking to plant the most colorful plants with pink tips!

  6. Your flowers are just gorgeous. So lush and healthy!


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