Friday, February 1, 2013


Hello, everyone!

Today, I am sharing how I incorporate our family pictures into my home decor.

Many times I wondered if is not in fashion anymore and if that is the case, I am breaking every rule in the book. :)

For me, having the pictures of our loved ones around our home is very important.
Maybe it is because they are all so far away, or because my children are getting older and leaving home, whatever is the case, I love to walk in a room and see a picture of the people I love. 
Each one of them brings me back to a special moment in time. Here are some examples.

These were taken the day our son left for the Navy.

During some of our trips to Spain when the kids were younger are displayed on our family room end tables.

 On our hall table some of my favorite.

 My niece and nephew when they were tiny.

In our home library, I mixed them in between our books.

 Pictures of my babies on the small shelves in the hall and my parents on the end table in the formal

In the master bedroom and bathroom.

I love these old pictures of us!

And we even have pictures on a small table on the stairwell landing and in the laundry room, of all places! :)

I love this picture of our sweet Angel when she was a little puppy.

Will I stop here? No way!
I just received recently this picture of my little niece in Spain and I am getting ready to frame it and put it on my desk next to the computer so I can see her every day. If you needed a smile today, this next pic will sure do it!

LOL My mom says she is me all over again.
I wonder if her parents know how much trouble they are in for. Isn't she cute?

Well, that's it for today.
I hope you guys really enjoy your weekend. 
We will be finishing our first DIY project of this year, which I hope to share next week. I am also working on making new curtains for my kitchen and are hosting a small family brunch on Sunday at our home.

See you all soon!


  1. I am like you with the photos that are scattered all about my house! Such lovliness.....your home, and your family! And that little niece of can you not feel good after seeing that beautiful face and smile?
    xo Kris

  2. I think family pictures add such a nice warm touch to a home and yours definitely do! The frames are beautiful and you have them spread out nicely to accent so many spaces. Your niece is precious!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. All your family photos look great in the different frames and vignettes.

    I got strict orders years ago when I started my blog about "family pics".. thats a no no in my home as a few are in the public eye both locally and state wide, thus family in frames wont work for us and I cant be bothered going around the put them all away before I take photo's for blog posts..

  4. I really love having family photos around!! In fact, every time I move it doesn't feel like home until the pictures are unboxed and setting out. I think it's part of what brings love into a home!!! Thanks for sharing some of your treasured ones with us.

  5. I have them scattered around my home, as well! I think they add a sense of warmth to the home; and they tell the story of who you are, as a family! I love walking around and seeing the photos of the kids, when they were younger; and the photos we've taken during our travels. I love having those memories around. Love your displays!

  6. Oh, I love seeing pictures of your family around. I think that is our choice to show off our family anywhere we want to. Now that lat little missy has me smiling my face off.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I love all your pictures and vignettes...I'm like you, I like pictures whether they are the "thing" or not. :) Have a great weekend Maria.

  8. I'm with you, Maria Elena! I have family pictures all over my house. My big area is a gallery wall of family pictures in our living room over the sofa. Every time I take new pictures of my granddaughter one always makes its way into a frame somewhere. My granddaughter even enjoys looking at them. She will go around with me and we name who is in the pictures.

  9. You do a fantastic job of mixing in your family photos! I think that's what makes a house a home. Love it!

  10. I love how you have all your pictures displayed! I do display some family pictures, mostly now of our daughters wedding. I would like to do more and you have inspired me. Thanks!!! XO, Pinky

  11. I love the picture of your cute! Yes, I do use family pictures with my decorating I think it keeps our memories alive, love seeing how you displayed them all!

  12. Oh your space is SO lovely. I adore the tufted chair!

  13. Oh yes, that little one is full of spunk. So, so cute! You have incorporated your family photos in so wonderfully. I say, who cares if it's in style. After all, they're the ones we love! Love your beautiful library.

  14. It's wonderful to have your family surrounding you in your home away from home!

  15. I love your blog and your home is just so beautiful. I too use family pictures all over my home. We too live far away from our family and I love looking at the pictures. I have always put this in my decorating.

  16. Your home is so beautiful! I too like you use family pictures in my decorating. We also have family that lives far away and I like looking at the pictures. I have done this for years.

  17. If having family pictures in your home is not in style, then I guess I am not in style. When we bought our home it was brand new. We had granite installed and new 20x20 tiles and wood floors installed. To me, that is not what makes a house a home. It is my very expensive art that makes it a home. (By very expensive art,) I mean, my family pictures. I love them. I love my family and I am very proud of them.

    Your house looks like it is a little tuscan. My house is also. I love your decor! It is warm and inviting! And, I love all of your family pictures!!

    Have a great week,

  18. Family pics are the best. I love to change ours out and see the differences through the years. Very pretty!

  19. I love family pictures, your little niece is ADORABLE!

  20. I know some designers and even realtors say it's a no no, but what makes up a home, FAMILY!! I do add family photos around, you have yours displayed beautifully Maria Elena!

  21. I really love having family photos around!! In fact, every time I move it doesn't feel like home until the pictures are unboxed and setting out. I think it's part of what brings love into a home!!! Thanks for sharing some of your treasured ones with us. I love love your blog

  22. Well, hello! It's been a while since I visited, so I'm catching up! I love this post. I visit a variety of home decor blogs and always wonder where all the family photos are! I can't live without them. My kids are still in elementary/middle school, so the pictures change twice a year - I can't keep up, Haha!


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