Thursday, February 28, 2013


Hope everyone is having a good week!
Mine has been busy, busy, but no complains here. :)
Since we did the laundry room makeover a couple of years ago and we installed the cabinets, we haven't wanted for storage space in that room, but  I always wanted to add a few baskets for just those little things that they seemed to get lost in the big cabinets.

 I had this old and dirty cabinet in the garage, so I figured I could put it to good use.
First, I gave it a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint.

Made a small burlap and lace runner, added some baskets, my jar with detergent pods, a glass vase with couple of tulips and the picture of my "favorite girl" :) 

 I used the baskets to store dryer sheets, lint rollers, extra oil plug ins, etc...

My husband says the little cabinet is missing some legs, so I guess he will be making some soon, but, for now, this is what I got. Why not use the things you already have in your garage or storage room, right?

Thank you all for stopping by!


  1. Looks Amazing! Laundry would be a pleasure to do in a room like that!

  2. Your laundry room is great!! I'd love to have a space like that! Cute shelving with the baskets! I think it will looks great without legs too!!

  3. THAT is a small addition? Girl please, That's the most gorgeous laundry room I think I've ever seen in my life!!!!
    LOVE it!

  4. You created a cute little storage area. Very Clever!

  5. I love saving house keeping steps where ever I can, and putting things we use everyday at our fingertips sure helps. Your little basket-filled shelves are a great idea and create another pretty corner in your already AMAZING laundry room. (I use those little pods in my dishwasher but haven't used the ones for my washing machine yet. Would you recommend them?)

  6. Looks wonderful! You always give me great ideas!! :-)

    Take care,
    Nonny @Notions from Nommy

  7. That makes a great little additional storage for your laundry room.

  8. smart! you can easily add some feet to it, if you ever feel like it

  9. Love that you used that jar for the pods! I need to steal that idea!! :) Our laundry room is kinda hard to decorate we enter through it from the garage we do have some storage space in there which is nice but it could always be better. I would love to have cabinets above the washer and dryer but its not my house :( Love your laundry room!


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