Monday, November 12, 2012

Before and after/Revisiting our Home DIY projects. Part II

Good morning!
I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Ours was excellent, since our weather is still in the 80's,
we were able to enjoy a nice time outdoors.
And I even finished some of my Christmas crafts!

As promised, here is the second part of our Home DIY projects.
This post is much smaller than the first one and the projects 
are not as big, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

I want to start with our pot rack.
It was a gift from a friend that did not want it anymore,
so my husband found a way to change it using an iron metal scroll,
  so I could also use it to display some decor on top.

And a little after, I made some new cafe curtains for my kitchen.

I soon learned the power of spray paint, and now,
there is nothing safe from it in this house. :)
Here are a few of the many paint projects we have done lately.

I painted my flower boxes on the front and back porch.

We updated all the outdoor light fixtures.

And, when I found this $5.00 brass chandelier, I knew that with a little help
 it would be perfect for my craft room.

One of the bigger makeovers we did this year, was in our Master bedroom and bathroom.
There was no building anything involved, but we changed it completely.

To give you an idea, I have to show you the before, which I am really embarrassed to do!
I don't know what I was thinking back then! 

 Here is the before
Don't laugh! :)

 And this is what it looks like now.
We bought a new bedroom set, bedding, curtains, sea grass rugs and decor items.
We even added a sitting room, which is not quiet finished yet.
We are loving our new bedroom now!

And a I also made a new coverlet for our bed using some old drapes I already had.

 And, in the master bathroom we made a few changes also.
A new chandelier over the bathtub and new drapes the same color as the bedroom.

Here is the before

 And after

Our most recent project, we just did a few weeks ago,
was the addition of the molding to our front entrance.
We also re stained our front door that had been ruined by the summer sun and heat.

And this concludes our DIY projects for now.
I am sure we will end up doing something else before this year is over.
Actually, my husband is building wall to wall cabinets for the garage as we are speaking,
so I think I will let him concentrate on that for a little while. :)

Thank you for stopping by and see you all soon!


  1. Beautiful projects! It's amazing when we look back & see all we've accomplished in one short year.

  2. Wow! Those are some spectacular before and afters. I love them all...but I think the molding around the front door would have to be my favorite.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! :) --Fran

  3. Thanks for stopping in at Quirky Vistas and leaving me a comment about my post. I always enjoy "meeting" fellow military parents and definitely appreciate all they do to sacrifice for and support the military. Love all the changes you made to your home. You sure can work magic with the spray paint and your bedroom looks fabulous. Nicely done, all of it!

  4. Maria, your projects are so inspiring. I just love every one of them. Remember the pot-rack I was so excited to find?...yep, it's still waiting for it's transformation (someday-someday) Have a blessed week!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  5. It must feel good looking back through your projects and seeing how much you have achieved. You must surely never sleep!!

  6. I thought we had been busy, but you and your hubby get the award for DIYs! You've done some amazing and wonderful things and all the changes are fantastic.

  7. have been busy! The bedroom makeover is fabulous!!! My pot rack looks very similar to yours! I have a Roo up there too!!
    xo Kris

  8. I was going to say exactly like the previous commenter Wow...You've been busy, I love your bedroom and the bedspread is gorgeous, the front door molding was a great addition!


  9. So many projects! I love the pot rack! That chandelier in the bathroom is fabulous. Your molding surround for the front door really increased the value of your house. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment. I'll follow you.

  10. Love all your before and after pictures.... the bedroom looks great!

  11. Your home is lovely. Great posts.

  12. How cute is that pot rack. The way you've decorated it is fantastic! Oh and your bedrooms looks great!
    Have a good night!

  13. You have had some great projects this year; and they are all fabulous! I just love seeing photos of your beautiful home!!

  14. It really helps to see the before and after photos. What a difference...especially in your bedroom! I love the colors and your bath, too! WOW! You are GOOD!

  15. You've been a busy bee! The spray painted chandelier looks awesome!

  16. You've been a busy bee! The spray painted chandelier looks awesome!

  17. LOVE WHAT YOU DID WITH THE POT RACK!!! We were at a house tour on the weekend and they had one over their table with a glass insert. On the top the had candles of every size. Some were flameless some not. with fresh greenery hanging down the sides. We also noticed that they had pot lights in the ceiling on low. I had a chandelier like that at one time and gave it to Goodwill. Never thought of painting it. YOU SURE HAVE BEEN A BUSY BEE!!
    Can't wait to see how you decorate for Christmas.

  18. Great makeovers. I love the huge canvas in your sitting area. It makes such a statement.


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